CBM Jubilee: "The Classic"

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3/24/2021 – Dorian Rogozenco's video series "The Classic" has been part of the ChessBase Magazine since issue #160 - for almost seven years! Right at the beginning of his very first video, Rogozenco emphasized that looking at classical games is not about keeping the whole game in mind. It is much more important to develop and improve the understanding of certain moments, certain positions, ideas or plans that appear in these masterpieces. To celebrate the 200th issue of the ChessBase Magazine, we would like to treat you today to a selection from Rogozenco's popular column. Take a look and enjoy!

ChessBase Magazine 200 ChessBase Magazine 200

Anniversary issue with several extras! "My favourite young Carlsen game": 22 authors annotate. Pearls from Wijk: Jorden van Foreest and Anish Giri comment on their best games. Plus 11 opening articles, 3 opening videos, "Carlen's strategy" and much more!


Dorian Rogozenco: Some "Classics" by Anderssen, Lasker, Rubinstein and more

Anderssen-Zukertort (1869) - CBM #197

An attacking game in which “a mysterious plan” (Kg1-h1, Rf1-g1, g2-g4) is used. And finally, a crowning queen sacrifice awaits you!

Tarrasch-Lasker (1908) - CBM #186

In the fourth game of the Tarrasch-Lasker World Championship match, Düsseldorf 1908, Black prevailed thanks to an impressive rook maneuver (Rf8-e8-e5-c5-c4).

Rubinstein-Schlechter (1912) - CBM #192

For Dorian Rogozenco this is “perhaps the best game in Rubinstein's entire career”. In his presentation, the former coach of the German national team explains the key moments of this "absolutely perfectly played game" to you.

Grünfeld-Aekhine (1923) - CBM #185

Alekhine already gained a small advantage in the opening, which he expanded in the middlegame. The fact that the game is one of the classics is however due to the wonderful final tactics!

Alekhine-Nimzowitsch  (1930) - CBM #199

Let Rogozenco demonstrate to you how the fourth world champion systematically and in exemplary manner used the wrong positional decisions of his opponent! 

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