ChessBase Magazine Jubilee: The best tactics videos

by ChessBase
3/10/2021 – The ChessBase Magazine celebrates its anniversary! On the occasion of issue # 200, published at the beginning of March, we are presenting highlights from the many regular columns of the ChessBase Magazine. A good way to get better and to win more games is to solve tactical puzzles regularly. And in each issue of the CBM, Oliver Reeh leads you through a series of training puzzles - from simple to super-advanced tasks - and presents his personal favourites in interactive Fritztrainer videos. Take part, improve your tactics, and enjoy!

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World class players explain the ideas behind their moves. Opening specialists present current trends and exciting ideas for your repertoire. Master trainers in terms of tactics, strategy and endgame show you exactly the tricks and techniques that you need to be a successful tournament player!


Oliver Reeh: My favourite combinations from ChessBase Magazine

Tactics make all the difference. Whether in blitz or tournament chess, whether in a club tournament or at grandmaster level. In his column, Oliver Reeh regularly offers an extensive collection of selected combinations from current games. In each issue of the ChessBase Magazine he chooses his three favourite combinations from the more than 30 examples of an article, and presents them in interactive video format. The following is his anniversary selection!

"Raving rooks"

"Killer diagonals

"Whirlwind Vishy"

"Lurking bishop"

"Nasty surprise

"Dark squares, dark intentions "

"Mate is great!"

"All in!"

"A classical attack"

"Time to be brilliant"

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