CBM Jubilee: Excellent endgames

by ChessBase
3/13/2021 – The 200th issue of ChessBase Magazine was published at the beginning of March and to celebrate the anniversary, we present highlights from the various columns of the Chess Base Magazine. Karsten Müller's endgame columns regularly offer a wealth of material - the current issues contains four articles with his analyses and exercises! Due to the Corona pandemic, Karsten Müller currently cannot record in the ChessBase Studio but today we offer you a selection of his favourite videos from CBMs of the past few years. From "The eternal cut off" to the "Knightmare knight" and "The umbrella". Take part and test your endgame technique!

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Karsten Müller: Ten selected endgame videos

"The eternal cut off"

"Checks and knight hunts"

"The fate of the passed pawn"

"Knightmare knight"

"King on the rim is dim"

"Rook endings are always drawn"

"Good knight, bad bishop"

"Free tracks for free pawns"

"Not all rook endings are drawn"

"The umbrella"

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