CBM Endgame training: the octopus, Kosteniuk's combination, races

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10/25/2011 – This edition of GM Karsten Müller's endgame instructions is devoted exclusively to the ladies. Three former women's world champions feature in the games he has selected for our attention, two from the recently concluded Grand Prix in Nalchik. Studying examples like these in the regular deliveries of ChessBase Magazine will do your practical playing strength a world of good.

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The octopus

Sometimes a strong knight is also called octopus as it can reach eight squares which are compared to the arms of an octopus:

GMs Antoaneta Stefanova and Zhu Chen in the press conference after their game

Kosteniuk's combination

With far advanced passed pawns often typical tactical motifs arise:


A rook has often difficulties to win, when fighting against passed pawns, which are supported by the king. In many cases everything hinges on a single tempo:

GM Antoaneta Stefanova, former women's world champion

Alexandra Kosteniuk – she too a former women's world champion

Karsten Müller in ChessBase Magazine

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