CBM Blog: Knight storms the fortress + Do not rush

6/24/2011 – In the game Nakamura-Nisipeanu from the 5th Kings' Tournament White had a solid extra pawn, but it seemed that Black's castle could not be taken. Nakamura opened the gate first on the kingside to finally use the back door on the queenside. In Hector-Tikkanen White messes up a rook and pawn ending by being too impatient. GM Karsten Müller explains.

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The knight storms the fortress

White has a solid extra pawn, but at first sight it seems that Black's castle can not be taken as there are no inroads. Nakamura opens the gate first on the kingside to finally use the back door on the queenside:

Note that in the replay windows below you can click on the notation or use the cursor keys to follow the game.

Do not rush

Hector is better as his passed pawns are connected, which is usually good in a rook endgame. But how to proceed?

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