Candidates round-up shows

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3/28/2018 – ChessBase Premium members can catch up on the action with videos by your favourite contributors. After round fourteen GM Simon Williams covers the highlights of the round.

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Candidates review

ChessBase is publishing daily annotated game videos after each round allowing you to quickly catch up on each day's action. Here's a quick reference, and the most recently published show.

Round fourteen round-up show

Full schedule

Date Round Round-up webcast
Saturday, March 10 1 Oliver Reeh
Sunday, March 11 2 Daniel King
Monday, March 12 3 Lawrence Trent
Tuesday, March 13 Rest day  
Wednesday, March 14 4 Daniel King
Thursday, March 15 5 Lawrence Trent
Friday, March 16 6 Daniel King
Saturday, March 17 Rest day  
Sunday, March 18 7 Erwin l'Ami
Monday, March 19 8 Daniel King
Tuesday, March 20 9 Simon Williams
Wednesday, March 21 Rest day  
Thursday, March 22 10 Simon Williams
Friday, March 23 11 Erwin l'Ami
Saturday, March 24 12 Simon Williams
Sunday, March 25 Rest day  
Monday, March 26 13 Erwin l'Ami
Tuesday, March 27 14 Simon Williams
Wednesday, March 28 (No tiebreak needed)  


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