Candidates in "cool" venue

by André Schulz
10/5/2017 – Agon today announced the venue for the 2018 Candidate Tournament in Berlin. The players will compete in the "Kühlhaus Berlin" next March 10th to 28th. According to Agon Limited, tickets are now available. | Photo: Artists representation of the playing space /

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Players compete in "Kühlhaus"

At Agon, there appears to be an affinity for industrial history. After the 2015 World Rapid and Blitz Championships took place in a former dairy factory in Berlin, another interesting location with reference to the the cities industrial past was found for the upcoming Candidate Tournament — "Kühlhaus Berlin".

Source: Google Maps

The venue once played an important role in the cities food storage, but over time the building decayed. Now it has been renovated and is available for events of all kinds. The location is excellent — very central — adjacent to the "Gleisdreieck" U-bahn station in Berlin, close to the German Technical Museum, within sight of the Landwehr canal, on Luckenwalder Street.

A day ticket will set you back between 20 and 40 Euro, with the entire tournament priced at 170 Euro. There are also special VIP tickets being offered.

In a press release issued this afternoon, World Chess CEO Ilya Merenzon, "Kühlhaus Berlin is an amazing place for chess. A multi-floor venue, it gives us an opportunity to watch and broadcast games from both ground-level and upper-level cameras. From cinematography point of view, the broadcasting will be phenomenal!".

We hope the broadcasting will be stellar in its entirety, irrespective of the venue, not to mention the chess played there.

Translation from German: Macauley Peterson


André Schulz started working for ChessBase in 1991 and is an editor of ChessBase News.
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vishalshedge vishalshedge 10/6/2017 06:08
ChessSpawn49 ChessSpawn49 10/6/2017 01:16
Looks like a group prison cell.......just sayin
I bet its Gary...
ulyssesganesh ulyssesganesh 10/6/2017 04:33
i visualize vishy playing as a wild card in the candidates!!