Canadian Open 2010: Magnificent McShane

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7/20/2010 – The 2010 Canadian Open Chess Championship ended in an impressive display of steam-roller chess, with English GM Luke McShane taking top prize with 8.0/9. The championship was a great success, complemented by events such as a Chess 960 simul by Shabalov, and a rook ending lecture by Gagunashvili. Read the final illustrated report with photos, quiz, and video.

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2010 Canadian Open Chess Championship

The 2010 Canadian Open is taking place in Westin Harbour Castle, Downtown Toronto, from July 10 to 18 (final round, awards dinner). It is a nine-round Swiss System, Single Section, CFC and FIDE rated event, with accelerated pairings used in early rounds. Time controls are 40 moves in 90 minutes, 30 minutes for remainder, with 30 second increments from move one. The prize fund is a guaranteed $32,000, with the winners receiving $6,500 for first place, $3,500 for second, $2,500 for third, up to $500 for tenth. There are also class and category prizes for below 2400, below 2200, etc., top bantam (under 14 years), top junior, top senior, top lady, and for brilliancy, biggest upset, best dressed, trivia contest, etc.

Visitors can attend the tournament at Westin Harbour Castle, 1 Harbour Square, Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A6, which is within walking distance from Union subway/VIA/GO train station. Parking available at hotel and nearby lots. Telephone: 416 869-1600 Fax: 416 869-0573.

After nine rounds, Luke McShane emerged sole first with a fantastic 8.0/9 and a 2780 performance.

Luke McShane, sole first with 8.0/9.

In clear second, also scoring far above his rating, was Canadian IM Nikolay Noritsyn, with 7.5/9 and a 2680 performance, who beat Rozentalis, rated 2631, in the last round. Probably the biggest surprise of the last round though, was FM Jack Yoos's victory over tournament Elo favorite, GM Harikrishna Pentala, 2646, which gave him positioned him in a tie for 3rd-7th place.

FM Jack Yoos who beat a GM rated over 250 Elo above him in the last round.

Final standings after nine rounds

GM Luke McShane 2624 8
IM Nikolay Noritsyn 2536 7.5
GM Merab Gagunashvili 2596 7
GM Alexander Shabalov 2578 7
GM Vladimir Malaniuk 2551 7
FM John C. [Jack] Yoos 2461 7
GM Eduardas Rozentalis 2631 6.5
IM Leonid Gerzhoy 2630 6.5
IM Artiom Samsonkin 2609 6.5
IM Tomas Krnan 2484 6.5
IM David Cummings 2482 6.5
FM Vladimir Pechenkin 2432 6.5
FM Bindi Cheng 2426 6.5
IM Michael Mulyar 2405 6.5
Arthur Calugar 2372 6.5
Zi Yi [Joey] Qin 2340 6.5
FM Michael Dougherty 2322 6.5
FM Adam Ashton 2316 6.5
FM Aman Hambleton 2315 6.5
FM Alex Betaneli 2312 6.5
Yuri Aronov 2301 6.5
Bernd Wagner 2253 6.5

GM Gagunashvili giving a lecture on rook endings.

To conclude, we bring you one missed opportunity to test your eagle eye.

Though Black won the game, he missed
a spectacular opportunity here. Can you
do better? (Solution below)

A video with highlights of the Canadian Open 2010 and the simuls.

Solution to position:

1....Rxd4!! 2.cxd4 Nf3! 3.Nf1 [3.Bf1 Bxd4 4.Rad1 Nxh2 5.Qxh2 Bf3+ 6.Bg2 Bxg2+ 7.Kxg2 Rf2+ 8.Kg1 Qxh2#] 3...Nxe1+-


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