Bulgaria vs Turkey – preparing for Gothenburg

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7/25/2005 – In a few days the European Team Championship begins in Göteborg (Gotenburg), Sweden. Both the Turkish and the Bulgarian teams are taking it very seriously. To prepare they played a friendly two-round match in Svilengrad, Bulgaria. We bring you games and pictures, and introduce you to the young Turkish team.

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Preparing for Gotenburg

The Turkish national teams are preparing very seriously for European Team Chess Championships, which will be held from July 29 to August 8 in Göteborg (or Gotenburg) Sweden. The coach of the team is GM Predrag Nikolic. The average age is of the team is 21.

The Turkish men and women's teams, preparing for the European Team Championship

Turkish men's team: IM Umut Atakisi, IM Mert Erdogdu, IM Kivanc Haznedaroglu, FM Yakup Erturan, IM Baris Esen

The women's team: WFM Asli Bayrak, WIM Betul Cemre Yildiz, FM Yakup Bayram (coach), WFM Zehra Topel, WIM Nilufer Corlulu

Bulgaria vs Turkey – Friendly Chess Match

As a part of the preparation for the European Team Chess Championship the Bulgarian Chess Federation and Turkish Chess Federation organized a friendly match between the two teams. The match took place between 19 and 21st of July 2005 in Hotel Galaxy, Svilengrad (BUL). Both teams competed on nine boards (five men and four women) in two games. The results were as follows:

Round one

1.1 1 Bulgaria 5,0 - 4,0 2 Turkey . .
1 GM Georgiev Kiril 2666
IM Atakisi Umut 2437
2 GM Spasov Vasil 2551
IM Haznedaroglu Kivanc 2430
3 - Rusev Krasimir 2426
IM Erdogdu Mert 2403
4 IM Andonov Bogomil 2418
FM Erturan Yakup 2311
5 - Karakehajov Kalin 2385
- Esen Baris 2301
6 WGM Voiska Margarita 2328
WIM Yildiz Betul Cemre 2155
7 WGM Velcheva Maria 2274
WFM Topel Zehra 2081
8 WIM Genova Liubka 2235
WIM Cinar Corlulu Nilufer 2038
9 - Shtereva Slaveja 2118
WFM Bayrak Asli 1967

Round two

2.1 2 Turkey 3,0 - 6,0 1 Bulgaria
1 IM Atakisi Umut 2437
GM Georgiev Kiril 2666
2 IM Haznedaroglu Kivanc 2430
GM Spasov Vasil 2551
3 IM Erdogdu Mert 2403
- Rusev Krasimir 2426
4 FM Erturan Yakup 2311
IM Andonov Bogomil 2418
5 - Esen Baris 2301
- Karakehajov Kalin 2385
6 WIM Yildiz Betul Cemre 2155
WGM Voiska Margarita 2328
7 WFM Topel Zehra 2081
WGM Velcheva Maria 2274
8 WIM Cinar Corlulu Nilufer 2038
WIM Genova Liubka 2235
9 WFM Bayrak Asli 1967
- Shtereva Slaveja 2118

The Turkish team in Svilengrad, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian team that hosted the match

A gift from Mayor of Svilengrad

IM Umut Atakisi, highest rated player in the Turkish team

IM Bogomil Andonov, Bulgaria

IM Haznedaroglu Kivanc of Turkey

Untitled Rusev Krasimir, who scored 1.5:0.5

WGM Maria Velcheva of Bulgaria

WFM Asli Bayrak

The venue: Hotel Galaxy in Svilengrad

Playing blitz in the garden of the hotel

Everyone's favourite: the Galaxy Hotel swimming pool

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