British Championships 2016: Six lead with 3.5/4

by Klaus Besenthal
7/29/2016 – Bournemouth, the large resort town on the south coast of England, hosts the 103rd British Championships. From 23rd July to 6th August a large number of various tournaments are played. 86 players start in the Championship group, among them Michael Adams, David Howell and Gawain Jones. After four rounds these three all have 3.5/4 and share the lead with Nicholas Pert, Keith Arkell and Justin Tan. After each round Andrew Martin presents the game of the day.

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The spacious playing hall in the "Bournemouth Pavilion"

Top seed GM Michael Adams, Elo 2727

Second seed GM David Howell, Elo 2663

GM Gawain Jones, Elo 2650

Standings after four rounds

Rk. SNo   Name Rtg Pts.
1 1 GM Adams Michael 2727 3,5
  2 GM Howell David Wl 2663 3,5
  3 GM Jones Gawain Cb 2650 3,5
  4 GM Pert Nicholas 2570 3,5
  9 GM Arkell Keith C 2455 3,5
  11 IM Tan Justin Hy 2438 3,5
7 5 GM Hebden Mark L 2509 3,0
  6 GM Fodor Tamas Jr 2505 3,0
  7 GM Gormally Daniel W 2494 3,0
  8 GM Emms John M 2467 3,0
  10 IM Pert Richard G 2441 3,0
  13 IM Palliser Richard Jd 2422 3,0
  14 GM Wells Peter K 2419 3,0
  16 IM Eggleston David J 2376 3,0
  17 FM Batchelor Peter J 2341 3,0
  21 FM Duncan Chris R 2292 3,0
  66 FM Waddington Mike P 2018 3,0

IM Andrew Martin: "Game of the Day", Round 4

Games of round 4


IM Andrew Martin: "Game of the Day", Round 3

Games of round 3


IM Andrew Martin: "Game of the Day", Round 2

Games of round 2


IM Andrew Martin: "Game of the Day", Round 1

Games of round 1



Photos: Brendan O'Gorman

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Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.


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