British Championship - Round 9: Adams wins seventh title

8/4/2019 – The 106th British Chess Championships are being held at Riviera International Centre in Torquay England from July 27th to August 4th. The top British players are there including last year's winner Michael Adams, David Howell and Nick Pert. Round 9 games and commentary daily from 9:00 UTC (11:00 CEST / 5:00 AM EDT). Official site:

Typical mistakes by 1600-1900 players Typical mistakes by 1600-1900 players

Some mistakes repeat themselves often in amateur games. With themes such as "Miscalculating Forcing Lines", "Being Too Materialistic" and "King Safety" Nick Pert shows you how to avoid making typical mistakes.


Round 9

GM Michael Adams was the sole leader after defeating IM Richard Pert in the penultimate round. In Sunday's morning round he made short work of GM Stephen Gordon to clinch his seventh British Championship with 7½/9. Jovanka Houska is the British Women's Champion with 6/9 — her ninth, and a record.

GM Danny Gormally will provide a detailed recap in his final report soon.

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Correction: An earlier version of this post said that Adams won by a full point. In fact, David Howell reached 7.0/9.


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Leavenfish Leavenfish 8/5/2019 02:57
It's mostly just the Super GM tournaments that have a 'draw issue'. But that is because they are so good and lets not forget) need to keep their ratings high for invites to elite tournaments that pay them the big bucks...which is how they make their living.

I don't think organizers are hurting due to the number of draws they keep holding tournaments. The lay chess fan...if they really want blood, just needs to look at tournaments like....well like the British Championship to satisfy themselves. There really is no 'draw problem' in chess.
susiep susiep 8/5/2019 09:08
I wonder how Praggu or Nihal Sarin would have done.
Claudioarrau Claudioarrau 8/5/2019 06:37
There continues to be a lot of talk about how to force players to go for a win at all costs in classical tournaments to reduce the number of draws. To which I say this:

There is nothing like a draw
Nothing in the world
There is nothing you ever saw
That is anything like a draw!

So supposed a draw ain't bright
Or completely free from flaws
It's a waste of time to worry over things that they have not
Be thankful for
The things they have got!

(with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein)