British Championship LIVE - Tiebreak

by ChessBase
8/5/2018 – Live commentary of the 105th British Championship being held in Hull, England from July 28th to August 5th. IM Michael Rahal, GM Karsten Mueller, and IM Oliver Reeh break down the live action from the ChessBase studio. | Photo:

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The 2018 British Chess Championship is a 9-round Swiss open, with a top prize of £10,000 (about €11,200 euro), with £1,000 for the British Women's Champion. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves then 30 minutes to the end, plus 30 seconds per move starting from move one.

Congratulations to Michael Adams, who won the tiebreak match against Luke McShane 4 : 2.

Tiebreak games


Standings after Round 9 (top 15)

Rk. Name Pts.
1 Adams Michael 7,0
  Mcshane Luke J 7,0
3 Howell David Wl 6,5
4 Jones Gawain Cb 6,0
  Pert Nicholas 6,0
  Fodor Tamas Jr 6,0
  Gormally Daniel W 6,0
  Fernandez Daniel H 6,0
  Arkell Keith C 6,0
  Eggleston David J 6,0
11 Hawkins Jonathan 5,5
  Ghasi Ameet K 5,5
  Tan Justin Hy 5,5
  Wells Peter K 5,5
  Palliser Richard Jd 5,5

Results of Round 9 (top 10)

Name Pts. Result Pts. Name
Howell David Wl 0 - 1 6 Mcshane Luke J
Gormally Daniel W ½ - ½ Adams Michael
Ghasi Ameet K   6 Jones Gawain Cb
Arkell Keith C ½ - ½ Eggleston David J
Pert Nicholas ½ - ½ 5 Hawkins Jonathan
Fodor Tamas Jr 5 1 - 0 5 Hebden Mark L
Mcphillips Joseph 5 ½ - ½ 5 Tan Justin Hy
Fernandez Daniel H 5 1 - 0 5 Pritchett Craig W
Macklin Paul   Adair James R
Fitzsimons David 0 - 1 Wells Peter K

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Players starting rank (top 20)

No. Name Rtg
1 Adams Michael 2706
2 Howell David Wl 2687
3 Jones Gawain Cb 2670
4 Mcshane Luke J 2669
5 Hawkins Jonathan 2590
6 Pert Nicholas 2544
7 Fodor Tamas Jr 2506
8 Ghasi Ameet K 2494
9 Adair James R 2492
10 Emms John M 2488
11 Tan Justin Hy 2481
12 Gormally Daniel W 2478
13 Fernandez Daniel H 2477
14 Ward Chris G 2434
15 Wells Peter K 2426
16 Hebden Mark L 2423
17 Palliser Richard Jd 2418
18 Arkell Keith C 2406
19 Houska Jovanka 2406
20 Trent Lawrence 2406

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petaQ petaQ 8/5/2018 02:08
Compliments on the energetic team of Müller and Rahal - tuned in for the first time today and they gel well, very affable too. Any chance they can team up again for the C-C match in November?
megadad1 megadad1 8/5/2018 11:34
Where is Mcnab these days?
JacobFreeze JacobFreeze 8/4/2018 08:58
Apropos of something else, the training board here on ChessBase has been completely overwhelmed by trolls running chess engines. Does anybody care?
macauley macauley 8/3/2018 08:52
He withdrew due to a private scheduling conflict, but he should be back soon.
Thehug Thehug 8/3/2018 01:50
Any knowledge as to why Simon Williams isn't in the championships?
macauley macauley 8/2/2018 08:07
@thirteen - No, of course not. She would win the 1st prize for the tournament.
thirteen thirteen 8/2/2018 06:10
So if a woman won The British Championship [god forbid] with the 1st prize monies for their gender set at, it says here £1000, would the male second and third prizes be some thousands higher? And we BLESS this country for its far superior treatment of the fairer sex, right?
Theochessman Theochessman 7/31/2018 04:17
Karpov tried it, no go.
Kasparov tried it, no go.
And now Short is trying. FIDE is so corrupt that he probably doesn't stand a chance.
macauley macauley 7/29/2018 11:16
Nigel is most preoccupied with the FIDE election campaign although he is slated to play in the 25th Abu Dhabi Masters beginning August 7th.
Theochessman Theochessman 7/29/2018 10:45
No Nigel Short?