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3/28/2014 – You will have noticed, on the top right side of our news page, there is a chess game in progress. It is one of the top games currently being played on our chess server. In the evenings, which is prime time on Playchess, you will be able to follow games by world class GMs – on your own web page, if you want. Embedding our Best Game board is remarkable simple and takes just a few seconds.

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Embedding the Best Game board on your site

On the top right-hand side of our news page there is a live game under way. It is one of the top games currently being played on our chess server, Note that all our screen captures below were conducted early in the morning on a weekday, so the games are mostly by amateurs (who also produced interesting play). In the evenings you can see top players with server ratings over 3000.

Just below the live chessboard is a link: Get This! This leads to the embed page.

This allows you to embed the Best Game board on your server. The process is as simple as embedding a Youtube video: you get the following code:

<iframe src="" width="360" height ="360"></iframe>

which you embed in your web site HTML. That will cause the best game on Playchess to appear live on your page. You can put it into a table or frame to appear anywhere on your web site or blog (see examples below). You can also adjust the size of the window, from postage stamp to any size your web page can manage.

This is the board with the width and height set to 650 in the iframe code given above. Click here to see
what a maximized board looks like (pressing F11 in most browsers will further maximize the window).

Examples of Best Game embeds

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Note that Mike has embedded a world map below the board, showing players logging in and out of Playchess in real time.


The St. Petersburg Chess Club has been around continuously from 1930 to present in the same location, making it the oldest chess club in America in the same location! People from around the world come to St. Petersburg Florida just to play chess, including Sammy Reshevsky, Bobby Fischer, Larry Christiansen and Yasser Seirawan, to name just a few great players. The Club has held Scholastic chess tournaments for the last 30 years.

The New England Chess Club aims to provide the opportunity for everyone to participate in the sport of chess in Peterborough, England, and the surrounding area. Every Wednesday from 7:30 pm, chess fans meet at the Lancaster Club in Yaxley to enjoy chess in a competitive but friendly atmosphere. The club caters to all standards of play and organises teams in the county leagues, holds internal events and championships and can offer tuition to improve your game.

The Calasanz Chess Club was founded in 1995 and has achieved remarkable success in the Basque Chess League. Address: C / Federico Baraibar 36, 01003 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. The playing room is open every Friday of the year (except holidays and summer) from 19:30 to 21:30 for whoever wants to play chess.

The Hässelby Chess Club, is located in the suburban areas of Stockholm, Sweden.

The Altenkirchen Chess Club is located in Hotel Glockenspitze, Im Sportzentrum 2,
Altenkirchen, Germany (near Cologne). Play is on Fridays starting at 17.00h.

The Chess Club Sulzfeld is between Karlsruhe and Heilbronn in Southern Germany

The Chess Forum 64 has a daily chess puzzle and live
Playchess best game broadcast on the top of its home page

The Chess Club Siegen (near Cologne) has a large best game display on it's web site

Get the embed code for Best Game replay on your web site!

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