Breaking news: Magnus Carlsen set to launch a new career

7/6/2010 – The world's highest ranked chess player is set to launch a new career as a – oops, we are not allowed to say until after the official announcement tomorrow. But it is okay for you to guess. Tennis? Soccer? Action movies? We can tell you that it is a side career, and that Magnus has no intention of abandoning the game he is so very good at. Unless of course he really gets into the new gig. Curious?

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So what are the options? Soccer player in the Norwegian national team? Wine taster? Tennis? Radio sports commentator? Orator? Ambassador to China? Here's some help: none of the above. Something completely different.

No, nothing involving space travel either – that was the Swedish astronaut with the
Norwegian name: Christer Fuglesang...

How about Hollywood action movie star with second cousin Matt Damon?
No, hang on, that was an April Fool's joke.

But it is big, and he will be very visible in the news for the rest of the year (at least). Anyway, you are on your own. Of course you are not going to guess it. Never. Not in a million years.

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