Breaking news: Kasparov assaulted again

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6/30/2005 – The first time it was a chessboard smashed over his head. This time Kasparov was pelted with eggs covered in ketchup. It happened during a political meeting with residents of the town of Beslan, where a terrible massacre of schoolchildren took place last September. Kasparov blames the Russian Secret Service for the Egg Attack.

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Just yesterday we reported on Garry Kasparov's political activities in the Russian provinces. His travels took him to city of Beslan, where on September 3rd last year a horrific massacre of school children by Chechen separatists took place.

344 civilians were killed in this hostage taking, at least 172 of them children. Kasparov, who is the head of Committee-2008 and the recently formed United Civil Front, was there for a meeting with Beslan residents.

According to MoscowNews, which quotes the Echo Moskvy radio station as its source, "eggs covered in ketchup were thrown at chess legend". This was not done by local residents who were gathered to speak with the champion. Kasparov reports that he had been followed by two FSB (Federal Security Service) cars all the time. "Even when I went to look at the dreadful scene of the destroyed school with the Mothers of Beslan Committee," said Kasparov, "I was followed by two FSB men carrying cameras so they would be ready to record any action that the authorities might interpret as suspicious.”

At the square housing the cultural centre people started to gather. "It was clear that instructions were being given by a man in camouflage gear, wearing colonel’s stripes," said Kasparov, "and by a man who was by all appearances a local bandit leader. He arrived in a jeep with no number plates. It was very revealing that the police, who were already there, acted as though everything was as it should be.”

Kasparov is sure that an act of provocation had been prepared. “Two men started to hassle me, demanding I go away without causing any trouble. But they were sent away by the Mothers of Beslan. After this, an impromptu meeting took place, which was interrupted when these people, who had taken up positions that made it easier to aim at us, started throwing eggs and ketchup.”

Kasparov’s supporters are blaming the incident on pro-Kremlin youths from the Nashi (Ours) movement.

Full report in MoscowNews

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