Breaking News: Hans Niemann is suing!

by ChessBase
10/20/2022 – The news broke out minutes ago. Hans Niemann posted on his Twitter the official complaint against Magnus Carlsen, the Play Magnus Group,, Daniel Rensch, and Hikaru Nakamura. The complaint states that he is seeking "damages in an amount to be determined at trial, but no less than One Hundred Million Dollars ($100,000,000)". The text of the complaint does not mince words.

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It was a step many speculated might happen. Hans Niemann has filed a complaint in the United States District Court, in the Eastern District of Missouri. The complaint cites  Magnus Carlsen, the Play Magnus Group,, LLC Daniel Rensch, and Hikaru Nakamura, seeking damages of no less than one hundred million dollars, with a jury trial demanded.

The full 44-page complaint can be read here.

Quoting very lightly the complaint, the text does not mince words:

Carlsen, having solidified his position as the “King of Chess,” believes that when it comes to chess, he can do whatever he wants and get away with it.


8. Notorious for his inability to cope with defeat, Carlsen snapped.  Enraged that the young Niemann, fully 12 years his junior, dared to disrespect the “King of Chess,” and fearful that the young prodigy would further blemish his multi-million dollar brand by beating him again, Carlsen viciously and maliciously retaliated against Niemann by falsely accusing Niemann, without any evidence, of somehow cheating during their in-person game and demanding that the organizers of the Sinquefield Cup immediately disqualify Niemann from the tournament.   

9. When tournament officials refused to comply with Carlsen’s corrupt and cowardly demand to baselessly eliminate Niemann from competition, Carlsen lashed out again, this time by boycotting the remainder of the Sinquefield Cup in protest—an unprecedented act for a top chess professional, let alone the reigning World Champion.

Hans Niemann is represented by Oved & Oved and Gartner Firm.

Needless to say, the Twitterverse is already exploding. USA Today Sports reporter Tom Shad already commented:


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odeshog odeshog 10/21/2022 06:17
@tauno would not check every random game for cheating, they do make a pause now in prize tournaments to check for cheating but I have no idea when that started.
There would be no reason to monitor a specific GM's (read Hans) games for cheating unless perhaps a report was made. It could very well be hundreds of games before a person is flagged by an algorithm. You can't run a cloud platform and waste resources by checking absolutely every game for cheating, that's nonsensical.
tauno tauno 10/21/2022 06:13
@fgkdjlkag: “Why did Niemann have to cheat more than 100 times?”

We should instead be asking why he was allowed. Especially in prize tournaments. Especially since has the best cheat detection technology in the world. Especially when they knew he had cheated even a few years earlier.

They must have found the cheat after only a couple games, right? Or do you really think it takes 100 games for them to spot a cheat? Does that make sense?

Could the answer be that they purposely let him cheat 100 times because it makes it so much easier to ban him from all future tournaments?
Jacob woge Jacob woge 10/21/2022 05:24
I have come across this once before, when someone got directed where to look, and retorted with what amounts to “No, I want you to read it aloud for me.”

Oh, the futility.
Jacob woge Jacob woge 10/21/2022 05:22
Someone yelled out:

“I asked YOUR opinion of that.”

In fact the person did not. Forgot to read one’s own post.

What one does in these circumstances, entering upon a subject of which one’s knowledge is faint, is to go to the source. I’ll even provide the link, most people would be able to figure out for themselves, but there you have it.

There. Simple as that. Now scroll down, past the boring stuff about who knows what. Then comes the section “Defences”. The first item is “Honest opinion”. There are six more items to follow. “Justification” might also be of interest.

How to scroll depends on the gadget. It may be a mouse, a touchpad, or a touch screen. Left and right hand will do equally well.

That was my opinion. The rest is facts. Never the twain shall meet.
tauno tauno 10/21/2022 05:14
Since there's a theoretical possibility that someone could consistently cheat at virtually every top-level international OTB tournament without ever getting caught, it has to be Hans, right?

Now we have good arguments to be able to ban him from all future chess tournaments. Yippee!
fgkdjlkag fgkdjlkag 10/21/2022 04:53
Did Niemann qualify for the world cup? If not, then if he was getting reduced invitations after the drama, his career is now over, because what organizer anywhere in the world would want to invite him after this?

This isn't good for anyone, and many caused this situation. Why did Niemann have to cheat more than 100 times? Is it true, as alleged, that Carlsen demanded Niemann be uninvited from the Sinquefield cup? That would be up to the organizers, not him. Then the tantrum/withdrawal after losing. Why all the innuendo instead of making some clear statements? bent over backward to be accommodating to Niemann and he slapped them in the face with his public, false accusations about them during the Sinquefield cup (if it is true that he did cheat much more than he admitted, which the statistical evidence should show).

Regarding if statistics corroborates better play during broadcast OTB events vs. not, this analysis should be done for all chess-players, not just Niemann, and see what the results show, as well as the likelihood of individual performances.
knnt954 knnt954 10/21/2022 03:53
Please read the following article on Hans Niemann. It is excellent.
My recommendation for Hans:
Hans should train with AI every day to be a top 10 on earth.
arzi arzi 10/21/2022 03:42
Maybe this nasty case will be of some use after the law trial is over?

1. Better ways to monitor players for cheating.
2. Before you accuse somebody for something illegal or wrong you should have some evidence to back up your accusations.
3. Think first, act later.
4. Act according to common sense.
5. If doubt yourself, ask help from wiser guys.
6. Beer is good, have some also for yourself. Don´t drink all it by yourself.
Based Based 10/21/2022 03:41
The problem is INTERPRETATION. Everybody is interpreting what Niemann says and does according to whatever they project into it. Some say his behaviour is not "tense" enough, some say his commenting is "not 2700ish", some say that this is that is "not something you suddenly forget" etc. etc. etc. By what standard? People are interpreting too much into too little.
The facts so far are that
a) Carlsen lost a game of chess v. Niemann in Sinquefield Cup
b) Carlsen withdrew from the tournament and
c) Carlsen insinuated that Niemann cheated again him in a)
d) Subsequently to c) a "holy inquisition" of Niemann started which has more in common with a medieval witch hunt than anything a civilized would expect.
e) Niemanns reputation has been ruined, he has been banned, uninvited and shunned since c).
f) no evidence whatsoeer has been presented that Niemann cheated in a)

Those are the facts. Everything else is interpreting, soothsaying, reading tea leaves and projecting all kinds of stuff into all kinds of things.

I do not know whether or not Niemann cheated. But what Carlsen,, Nakamura and others did to Niemann is plain and simply wrong and cannot be justified in light of the (known) facts.
tauno tauno 10/21/2022 03:30
@arzi, it's not just about the world champion and the latest events. It is about how FIDE has done its job. The looseness has been going on for years, if not decades. Players have been unhappy and frustrated for a long time, and now we see where it can lead.

“FIDE unites national chess federations throughout the world and oversees all International competitions.” - FIDE

Oversees all International competitions? Could it be that the word "oversees" is a translation error? It should read "overlooks".
adbennet adbennet 10/21/2022 03:24
The FIDE investigation is effectively crippled. Parties to a lawsuit will be saying "no comment". Even third parties will hesitate to give new information that may result in a subpoena.
Science22 Science22 10/21/2022 03:00
@Albert Silver : Then perhaps you could also kindly answer my question : Have you any cooperation with Hans Niemann now or in the past ? No matter the answer we should know it.
Albert Silver Albert Silver 10/21/2022 02:52
@all - Let's keep this civil. I will be summarily removing posts that direct attacks to others.
Science22 Science22 10/21/2022 02:40
@Magic_Knight You can not remove reality through your constant hateful bullying.

Facts : Hans Niemann explained that by a ridicuolos miracle he had the first 20 moves again Carlsen in his morning preparation because Carlsen had played the variation before in classic chess in 2018

But Carlsen has never played the variation in classic chess. He has played 5 moves in a blitz game. That is not something you suddenly forget after hours of preparation the same day. That is a something a con man invent to cover up the truth, that he use a computerprogram to refuse the rare variation and play only move to win 9 times. Hans Niemann lie. All the time. should remove all new accounts for the last 3 days who come here for comments. We are sick and tired of lectures form con men who has never played chess. Remove these Niemann trolls and we can discuss things at an adult level.
Magic_Knight Magic_Knight 10/21/2022 02:24
@lajosarpad - pay no attention to Science22, it’s clear based on what he has posted that he has zero credibility.
arzi arzi 10/21/2022 02:21
No point to answer anymore, to science22. It is almost like talk to the wall, except you will get smarter answers from the wall. Good bye s22.
Science22 Science22 10/21/2022 02:06
The security at the Sinquefield Cup and the US Open was a joke.

A person scans Niemann before a match. Every time there is something that beeps, Niemann just puts it on a table or explains himself. One day, a pack of chewing gum reacts because there is metal in the pack. Then Niemann just puts it on the table and gets it back after the scan.

After the game against Magnus, when he signs the score sheet, Niemann swallows the chewing gum. Got watch the many videos.

Another time, an arbiter passes Niemann just before a scan (26 sec) and this most not happen as there could be an exchange of electronics which will later be returned. The security is not in order :

Niemann is praised for his great memory. After the game against Magnus Carlsen, Niemann explained that by a miracle he had the first 20 moves from home. He studied the same morning Carlsen - So in classic chess 2018 with identical moves. But such a game does not exist, and although Carlsen has played the variation in a blitz game, it was only for 5 moves. Hans Niemann is lying. Continually. Constant.
Science22 Science22 10/21/2022 02:05
ter a very peculiar comment with no logic I asked CarlosCleto which law firm he belong to as his writings is remarkable identical to lajosarpad. No answer.

I asked lajosarpad why he has never played chess outside Romania. ( no ELO). No answer

Lajosarpad are constantly, 24/7 engaged in telling us about chess here, and how we have to understand this and that. In a pseudo - intellectuel style , dominationg , intimidating. A guy who has never played serious chess himself.

He is definitely a troll.
thenalirama2 thenalirama2 10/21/2022 01:49
(From reddit)-
“If the beads don’t fit you must acquit”
lajosarpad lajosarpad 10/21/2022 01:28

"If a 2500 player cheats to get his rating to 2700 there's no way he'd be able to maintain that rating without continuing to cheat. "

There is a theoretic chance, if the player's strength also progresses in the said period. Albeit, this theoretic possibility is highly unlikely.

"Yet we see in the recently completed US Championship, conducted under the strictest conditions, a certain H.Niemann with a starting rating of 2699, finish with a better than 50% score and a performance rating of 2699!
How do the doubters explain this? "

They invent insance conspiracy-theories about laser beams getting through the wall of the tournament hall, directly into Niemann's ear, where, with the help of water molecules, the signal is converted into human voice. And the accomplice of Niemann constantly whispers - according to the theory - that "if he plays this, you play that", to bypass the limitations of the 30 minute lag in transmission. In another thread I was respectfully pointing out some problems with this theory (instead of laughing it off) and the inventor of the conspiracy-theory attacked me in my person instead of a valid responnse.
lajosarpad lajosarpad 10/21/2022 01:25

"The same low class accusations when he has to hit someone specifically."

You are constantly accusing people you disagree with. You accuse Arzi, Saturn23, me, CarloLeto, mc1483, Albert Silver. Don't you feel ashamed? Just asking.

"wolf pack" <=> dehumanizing

"this disgusting human" ???

And you (really???) accuse others of intimidating and attacking you?

"Perhaps the experienced lawyer CarlosCleto would be so kind as to tell us which law firm he is associated with?

My guess is a law firm in Romania : Lajosarpad & Arzi Global Law Practice....."

You claim that Carlsen's accusation is not defamation, but a serious and correct, well-founded accusation. Yet, you come with this nonsense out of the blue, illustrating your inability to determine what's a strongly made case and what's baseless accusation.
lajosarpad lajosarpad 10/21/2022 01:25
@nielslau Carlsen said that

1. Niemann cheated more
2. and more often
3. He appeared not to even concentrate against him
4. While he was beating him in a manner only a few players (excluding Niemann) can

The four statements together should clarify that Carlsen accused Niemann of cheating against him at Saint Louis.

@Saturn23 "I don't think anyone is defending Niemann.". Good point! There are attackers and skeptics. There are no defenders.

@Science22 Since your arguments are not very strong here, I will respond only to your personal attacks.

"CarloCeto = lajosarpad"


"same didactic and constant intimidating style with pseudo-intellectual use of logic like if A then B and now's hilarious"

You seem to be afraid of something (maybe of logic?). Too bad nobody sees the "intimidation" you are speaking about.

"Saturn23 = arzi"

johorsky johorsky 10/21/2022 12:59
What about losing on purpose? Is it not cheating? What do betters think? They may loose money.
arzi arzi 10/21/2022 12:46
satman:"How do the doubters explain this?"

They can't explain it rationally. That's why they come up with different possibilities, how to cheat. They don't have facts to give, but they do have beliefs. They think that beliefs are the same as facts.
satman satman 10/21/2022 12:36
If a 2500 player cheats to get his rating to 2700 there's no way he'd be able to maintain that rating without continuing to cheat.
Yet we see in the recently completed US Championship, conducted under the strictest conditions, a certain H.Niemann with a starting rating of 2699, finish with a better than 50% score and a performance rating of 2699!
How do the doubters explain this?
arzi arzi 10/21/2022 12:01
Jacob woge:"I suggest you check wikipedia for the implications/examples."

No, I won´t do that. I asked YOUR opinion of that. Do you form your own opinions about the content of the Wiki or from your own head?
Jacob woge Jacob woge 10/21/2022 11:52
“Really? What if that "honest" opinion is falsy? Is it still valid as truth?”

I suggest you check wikipedia for the implications/examples.

It is the same old Jesus discussion: Lord, liar, or lunatic. Overlooking the fourth, rather obvious possibility: He was honestly mistaken.

Citing, amongst others, deceased author R. Graves.

British court has not overlooked.
shivasundar shivasundar 10/21/2022 11:19
Told you so :-)
arzi arzi 10/21/2022 11:19
To science22,
"People who deny the existence of facts believe in fake news more often. People with dark personality traits—those who always put their own benefit first—are particularly often affected."

I hope you recover from your paranoia. No, I don´t need any other names. Arzi is enough for me. So, you did not have any proves of Niemann´s cheating? I thought so. Should we call you and your friends as a flock of sheep?
arzi arzi 10/21/2022 10:37
Jacob woge:"Truth is one out of seven paths to charge dismissal. Another is Honest Opinion."

Really? What if that "honest" opinion is falsy? Is it still valid as truth?
Jacob woge Jacob woge 10/21/2022 10:19
“In British courts, by contrast, the burden of proof rests on the author of the libel, who has to prove that what he/she said is true.“

Truth is one out of seven paths to charge dismissal. Another is Honest Opinion.

Source: QI/S.Fry, and wikipedia.

Probably why “I believe” rings thru statements issued.

If I have gotten it right, defamation thru innuendo may even be considered more serious than direct. Perhaps because the “honestly mistaken” defense is weakened.

This is in British court. American puts more emphasis on freedom of speech. In return, the claim of damage sued for becomes astronomical ....
tauno tauno 10/21/2022 07:30
FIDE is a loose organization. If it had kept the reins in its hands, this would never have happened.
arzi arzi 10/21/2022 07:27
tauno:"FIDE is a loose organization. If it had kept the reins in its hands, this would never have happened."

For some reason, when there is a strong world champion in the world of chess, equality disappears like that. Whatever the world champion says and wants is the law that everyone must follow, even FIDE.
arzi arzi 10/21/2022 07:23
Good explanation of the American distribution of justice for us non-Americans, Aighearach.
eastyz eastyz 10/21/2022 07:18
If we are going to point the finger at Niemann with AI, what about Carlsen? He is getting long in the tooth. Maybe he needs a bit of assistance to keep it going? That is the sort of reasoning that AI leads to without hard evidence.
eastyz eastyz 10/21/2022 07:11
Aligearach, it is not too much different to Australian law. You have to be very careful to stick to the facts and not enlarge the accusation in people's minds through contextual imputations (innuendo) like you say. That leaves you exposed.
Matthias Ruf Matthias Ruf 10/21/2022 07:11
That whole lawsuit can backfire on Hans. In the case of Mike Postle , poker players Veronica Brill and Todd Witteless took action and counter sued the cheater. Afterwards they won their anti-SLAPP motion. Concerning Niemann, he has chosen two big, financially strong enemies with Daniel Rensch and Hikaru Nakamura. Did lie in the report about 100 cheated online games? Shouldn’t the world most famous online cheating player not also be banned in OTB games? Also nobody said that he only cheated twice, not in the stream, not for money, not for rating points...
karavamudan karavamudan 10/21/2022 07:06
First FIDE is dragging its feet and the time delay causes all these complications.

FIDE should put a timeline on when its investigation will end and results announced. Recent investigations showed So, Caruana and Nepo all had high % match with engines. So they too were cheating? Where is the end to all the artificial intelligence inferred stuff? The only outcome of AI tools is that it looks artificial.
saturn23 saturn23 10/21/2022 06:59
nielslau - you do realize that someone's actions can communicate a lot of information, do you? Based on the things he said and did, it is pretty clear to most people that Carlsen accused Niemann of cheating!
eastyz eastyz 10/21/2022 06:56
If it is about fairness, Carlsen should have left it to FIDE. If he had evidence of OTB cheating, he should have given it to FIDE. If all he had was suspicion, he should have given FIDE that. That is the reason why we have governing bodies, to prevent the powerful from taking advantage of others. Niemann is no fool. He would not have taken this step if there was clear evidence of OTB cheating. There is certainly no evidence that Niemann cheated OTB against Carlsen who played like an old hen which is very much unlike him. Carlsen has only himself to blame.