Breaking news: Fischer comeback?

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5/27/2005 – Bobby Fischer is considering returning to the arena of competitive chess. Yesterday he met with his former adversary Boris Spassky, who travelled to Iceland with the expressed purpose of "drawing Fischer back to the chessboard". Fischer is agreeable to the notion, but insists on a worthy opponent and Fischer Random rules. Video report.

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Einar S. Einarsson of the RJF Group tells us: Boris Spassky revisited Reykjavik yesterday to meet with his old friend and former adversary Bobby Fischer. It was a happy reunion, as they have not met since 1994 in Budapest. Boris expressed his gladness over Bobby's freedom and new life in Iceland.

Spassky was in the company of GM Joel Lautier of France, President of ACP (Association of Chess Professionals) and Dr. Alex Titomirov, a Russian/American scientist and businessman. The purpose of their visit was to discuss the possible comeback of the 11th world champion, specifically for Bobby to play a Fischer random chess match against a worthy opponent.

Fischer at the original 1972 Fischer vs Spassky table in Reykjavik

This historic event if held would take place in Iceland later this year. Nothing was signed or concluded, but the parties are expected to meet again in 2-3 weeks. The meeting with Mr. Fischer was arranged with the help of GM Helgi Ólafsson and Einar S. Einarsson, chairman of the RJF-Group.

Report in Icelandic TV

Spassky's visit to Iceland and the plans of Alex Titomirov were the subject of a news item in an Icelandic TV news channel last night.

Dr. Alex Titomirov: "All I can say is that we have discussions. There are some number of steps which we have to undertake. I will probably be back in a couple of weeks, or three weeks, and then we can talk about it. I think that human civilisation is going to have huge benefit as a result of this event. Citizens of the world will see the progress in chess, especially in Fischer Random Chess. That is one of my main interests." Asked whether we can expect to see a championship in Iceland Titomirov answers: "Everything is possible. But there is no agreement at this point."

Asked if he would be playing against Fischer Boris Spassky replies: "No, there is no idea about that. I am just very happy... for me he was a friend."


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