Breaking news: FIDE announced new dates for Candidates

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3/28/2012 – After numerous protests about the scheduling of the next Candidates Tournament – in October, in the middle of the high season of chess – FIDE and its new organiser Andrew Paulson have relented and moved the Candidates to March 2013, where it will clash with nothing. For a second time Magnus Carlsen, who is intimately affected by the decision, was surprised – this time pleasantly so.

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FIDE Announces Dates for World Chess Championship Cycles

March 28, 2012 – Athens, Greece – Following publication of the draft calendar two weeks ago and after evaluating feedback from players and organizers, FIDE and AGON, FIDE's partner for organizing the World Chess Championship Cycle, are pleased to announce the revised schedule of events for 2012-2016.

[N.B., in the revised calendar, the next World Chess Candidates Tournament has been moved to March 13 – March 31, 2013. The tournament will take place in London.]

Championship Match   Moscow May 10 – May 30
Olympiad Istanbul August 27 – September 10
Grand Prix Chelyabinsk   September 19 – October 3
Grand Prix Tashkent November 21 – December 4
Candidates London March 13 – March 31
Grand Prix Lisbon April 10 – April 24
Grand Prix Madrid May 22 – June 4
Grand Prix Berlin July 3 – July 17
World Cup Tromsø August 10 – September 5
Grand Prix Paris September 18 – October 2
Championship Match TBD November 6 – November 26
Candidates TBD March 12 – March 30
Grand Prix TBD May 14 – May 28
Grand Prix TBD July 2 – July 16
Olympiad Tromsø August 1 – August 14
Grand Prix TBD September 10 – September 24
Championship Match TBD November 5 – November 25
Grand Prix TBD May 13 – May 27
Grand Prix TBD July 1 – July 15
World Cup TBD August or November
Grand Prix TBD September 9 – September 23
Candidates TBD March 9 – March 28
Grand Prix TBD May 11 – May 25
Grand Prix TBD July 6 – July 20
Olympiad TBD August or September or November
Grand Prix TBD August or September or November
Championship Match TBD August or September or November

First reaction

One of the first people to react to the original dates was a grandmaster who was intimately affected by it: Magnus Carlsen told us in a short interview in February that he was "surprised" by the decision to hold the Candidates Tournament in late October: "FIDE must have a very good reason to schedule the Candidates in the fourth quarter instead of for instance the late first quarter or the second quarter of 2013," Magnus said. "I’m really curious to know what would drive FIDE to schedule the candidates in the middle of the high season of top level tournaments. Frankly, I sincerely hope that FIDE will reconsider the schedule for the Candidates. Times are tough, financially, in Europe, and every step should be taken to protect and support the efforts of the top level tournament organisers."

After today's announcement Magnus was again surprised, albeit pleasantly so this time. "I never thought I would welcome a FIDE delay," he said, "but this time I am grateful for it. I have been quite vocal in my support of Bilbao and London, and critical of FIDE placing the Candidates in the middle of the elite tournament high season. Moving the Candidates Tournament to March suits me and probably everyone else in the professional chess circuit fine."

Some weeks ago Magnus met with the man behind the FIDE World Championship cycle, Andrew Paulson, an American entrepreneur working in Russia and responsible for a number of giant Russian social media projects. The meeting was very constructive, Magnus' opinion of the new sponsor and organiser was positive, and is so far impressed by Paulson's willingness to listen to and cooperate with the wishes of organizers and players.

And the organiser of the London Chess Classic, IM Malcolm Pein, wrote us: "I think this is great news, not only for the London Chess Classic but for the chess community as a whole. It clearly shows the value of having a promoter working independently of FIDE. I would like to thank Andrew Paulson for his efforts over the last few weeks, he consulted widely and found a solution that is good for world chess."

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