Brain Games reply to Ten Tough Questions

by ChessBase
9/14/2001 – The organisers of the Man vs Machine event have replied to the ten questions posed on the Kasparov Chess web site. "The Bahrain rules were an attempt to level the playing field," write BGN Match Director Raymond Keene and Rules Commissioner Eric Schiller in a statement sent to a large number of journalists and media outlets. "We may not be perfect, and are still making adjustments, but these were our honest conclusions for a genuine test between man and machine."

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Garry Kasparov's agent Owen Williams had turned down the proposed Brain Games qualifier in Dortmund (see below), now BGN chairman Raymond Keene has answered in an open letter of his own, explaining that one of Kasparov's major objection, a two-game semifinal, has been changed to four games. Will that sway the impetuous Kasparov? We will keep monitoring the situation.

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