Boris Spassky recovering from minor stroke

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10/9/2006 – During a lecture tour in San Francisco the legendary tenth world champion Boris Spassky, 69, suffered a mild stroke. He was taken to hospital where he is recovering completely, with no loss of physical or mental abilities. Before the incident Spassky gave a simul (+20 =5) and spoke about the current world championship crisis, comparing it to the 1972 problems with Fischer.

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A week ago Boris Spassky, the tenth world champion in the history of the game, suffered a mild stroke, probably a transient ischemic attack (TIA), during a stay in San Francisco. Boris was taken to a hospital, where he is recovering completely, with no loss in his physical or mental abilities. The vigorous 69-year-old wanted to walk out of the hospital after two days, and is, we are told, in very good spirits. Boris and his wife Marina Spassky would like to thank all those who have wished him a speedy recovery.

Boris Spassky was giving a series of lectures and talks at the Mechanics' Institute Chess Club in San Francisco. They arrived last on Thursday, September 28th, and Boris gave lectures to top juniors and the Mechanics' team in the United States Chess League, a talk to the general public and a 25-board simultaneous exhibition (score: +20, =5) over the weekend.

Boris Spassky during his lecture at the Mechanics' Institute on Sunday, Oct, 1st.

During his talk to the general public, Boris spoke about the Kramnik-Topalov match and compared the scandals in this event to incidents in other World Championships. He made it very clear that Bobby Fischer's actions in Reykjavik were in no way to be compared to what is going on Elista. He stressed that Bobby's disputes were with the organizer, never with the opponent, unlike Topalov's attacks, which are directed against his opponent on the board. Spassky made it unequivocally clear that his support is with Kramnik, and that he doesn't consider Topalov's actions to be proper.

The members of the Mechanics' Chess Club, which was founded in 1854, greatly enjoyed having the Spassky's come to San Francisco and all the events were very well attended.

Information and picture from John Donaldson

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