Bologan: Beating the Sicilian Vol. 2

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7/28/2011 – Imagine reading a book with the mysterious title "Beating the Sicilian" on a train – you are bound to get some puzzled stares. That may also happen if you go through the new Fritz Trainer DVD by Viktor Bologan. But it will most likely be on the face of your opponent in the next tournament you play. The Moldovan GM has a lot of good advice in an opening played by Garry Kasparov with Black. Check it out.

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Viktor Bologan: Beating the Sicilian Vol. 2

Out of the dozens and dozens of openings played nowadays the Sicilian Defence remains the most fascinating, entertaining and complex. Here White understands that Black will not be a patient lamb but will try to get at him at the very first opportunity. For those who are ready to take on the challenge and plunge into the wonderful world of combinations, attacks and counter-attacks, for those who really love chess – this DVD is designed for you.

In the first volume of the Open Sicilian for White we present all black reactions to 2...Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4. The second volume is dedicated to two very important areas: the most interesting opening of all time, the Najdorf Variation, and also to the most romantic line in the Sicilian – the Dragon Variation. It’s actually enough to point out that both openings were played successfully by Garry Kasparov with black.

The author’s task was to give White some clear lines which will survive all kind of possible improvements from the black side and still be able to give White hope for an advantage. In both cases Bologan recommends a setup with f3, Be3, Qd2, the so-called English Attack. The similarity of ideas makes the job of memorising lines somewhat easier, and at the same time the traditional line by line approach allows the avoidance of any unpleasant surprises. Many mysteries under the surface of the Sicilian can be found by hard work and experience and the author really hopes that this DVD will help you in that! Video running time: 5 hours 40 minutes.

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About the author: GM Viktor Bologan

Born in 1971, a pupil of the top Moldavan trainer Vecheslav Chebanenko. For many years Bologan has been the number one in Moldava and has represented his country in nine Chess Olympiads. His greatest successes were in 2003, when he first of all won the Aeroflot Open and then the famous Dortmund Tournament, ahead of Kramnik and Anand. The Moldovan has extensive experience as a trainer and has also published his first books.

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