Bilbao Rd. 10: Three draws, Carlsen is first, Nakamura second

7/23/2016 – The tenth and final round of the "Masters" in Bilbao ended with three draws. Wesley So and Magnus Carlsen quickly had opposite-colored bishops on the board and drew after 38 moves. Sergey Karjakin and Wei Yi needed only 26 moves for a peace treaty and Anish Giri and Hikaru Nakamura drew after 48 moves. Carlsen won the tournament with 17 points from 10 ten games, Nakamura finished second with 12 points. Results and games...

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Results of round ten

1 GM So, Wesley 10.0 2770 USA 1-1 Carlsen, Magnus 16.0 2855 NOR
2 GM Karjakin, Sergey 8.0 2773 RUS 1-1 GM Wei Yi 10.0 2696 CHN
3 GM Giri, Anish 6.0 2785 NED 1-1 GM Nakamura, Hikaru 11.0 2787 USA

Wesley So and Magnus Carlsen finished the tournament with an unspectacular draw

Final standings after ten rounds

  Title Name Country ELO 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pts.
1 GM Magnus Carlsen
2855   01 31 31 31 13 17.0 /10
2 GM Hikaru Nakamura
2787 31   11 11 11 11 12.0 /10
3 GM Wei Yi
2696 01 11   11 11 13 11.0 /10
4 GM Wesley So
2770 01 11 11   11 13 11.0 /10
5 GM Sergey Karjakin
2773 01 11 11 11   11 9.0 /10
6 GM Anish Giri
2785 10 11 10 10 11   7.0 /10

Spanish chess journalist Leontxo Garcia interviews
the tournament winner in the press conference.

All games


Tournament page...

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timisis timisis 7/26/2016 12:48
Rfield lol, everybody is happily married the first year or two
tamango tamango 7/25/2016 06:29
It felt great to see live Carlsen's win over Giri, even if he lost to Nakamura. Somehow, the chess justice prevailed:), as it's very hard to be a Giri fan. It's like the man is using on purpose the most drawish variations and - if he's not changing something in his game - will soon become just another Leko. I think the user "not not" from chessgames had a great line for this: "Giri is in great danger of winning today."
Rfield Rfield 7/24/2016 02:42
Tukmakov wouldn't be happier that Gm Giri can't convert that slight advantage into greater one. Giri is well coached, happily married, and with enormous future on its career. Giri's defensive style was in regression and ripped by So and Wei which he handles. Magnus hammered an outperforming Giri. Succeeding events we'll watch its improvement.

Gm Karyakin was preserving energy and Magnus sense it in round 8. Gm So tries much to win more than Naka's output but still not enough. Outclassing Naka, 4 years senior of So may look not closer. Gm Wei's rating was inconsequential.
libyantiger libyantiger 7/24/2016 12:52
good simultaneous exhibition by carlsen in Bilbao ....

i guess even if they came together to discuss the moves ...they wont be able to defeat him
jo-henry jo-henry 7/24/2016 12:45
@karavamudan. Thanks for the kind words! My pleasure - have a good Sunday!
karavamudan karavamudan 7/24/2016 12:37
Thanks Jo-Henry. Appreciate the help.
bojan_zivkovic bojan_zivkovic 7/24/2016 11:20
Dominant performance by world champion. Others not even close. Good to see Yi back in 2700+ again. Nakamura only unbeaten player but with 3 points for victory he could not finish 1st. So and Karjakin were modest while Giri was by far the weakest.
jo-henry jo-henry 7/24/2016 08:31
Hi, you can download the games in pgn-format by clicking on the small computer-disk symbol at the bottom of the replayer. This way you can download all games at once and the individual games that are annotated.
oputu oputu 7/24/2016 08:30
I am sure up to 50 of the top 100 chess players are Magnus fans. Difficult not to like this guy.

Takes Giri the bookworm out of books/class and school and beat him on the chess board. That game made my chess year! lol 7/24/2016 06:23
Whenever a Carlsen tournament ends I feel empty - should I see a shrink? :p
karavamudan karavamudan 7/24/2016 05:09
No pGN download of all games why? Also can commented games be downloaded all at once ?
GregEs GregEs 7/24/2016 04:58
Nice to see the cross table result of GM Carlsen, he has defeated all players at Bilbao, except GM Nakamura.

GM Nakamura is the only undefeated player but have not scored wins against all the other players. Great tournament and exciting games, even most draws are instructive.
GregEs GregEs 7/24/2016 04:51
This is also the ranking of the recently concluded Grand Chess Tour too.
1. Carlsen 2.Nakamura 3.So
Same rankings at Bilbao.

The crosstable-ranking above is not correct, because if the points are equal, then the FIDE rating of the player becomes the Tiebreak system. Which means GM Wesley So becomes third on the rankings at Bilbao. 7/23/2016 09:14
He has a pact with me...
fons fons 7/23/2016 08:27
Carlsen was top 3 in his last 50 classical tournaments (except twice).

How does he do it...