Bilbao Masters Final: Carlsen vs Karjakin

by André Schulz
7/12/2016 – All players in the field of the "Masters Final" are tremendously strong and deserve attention but the limelight will definitely be on World Champion Magnus Carlsen and World Champion Challenger Sergey Karjakin. It is the last time these two will meet before their World Championship match in November. Follow the games live and with commentary on

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Tomorrow, on 13th July, the "Masters Final" begins in the Campos Eliseos Theatre in Bilbao. Six of the world's best players take part and turn the "Masters Final" into one of the strongest events of the year. Particularly exciting is the clash between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin who will play for the World Championship in November. 

But with  Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri and Wesley So three more top 11 players start in Bilbao and they will try to steal the show from Carlsen and Karjakin. The sixth participant also adds excitement to the tournament: Chinese Grandmaster Wei Yi is the youngest player in the field and many see in him the next World Champion.

Last year Wei Yi was the shooting star of the chess scene but after his steep rise he suffered some setbacks and currently has a rating of 2696. But his rating will surely go up again when he gets used to playing in top tournaments.

The players


Live commentary on

All games are shown live on and commentated in German and in English (access to the live commentary is free for premium members).





Round 1

Oliver Reeh/Dorian Rogozenco

Yasser Seirawan


Round 2

Oliver Reeh/Merijn van Delft

Daniel King


Round 3

Merijn van Delft/Dorian Rogozenco

Daniel King


Round 4

Oliver Reeh/Merijn van Delft

Chris Ward


Round 5

Oliver Reeh/Merijn van Delft

Yasser Seirawan





Round 6

Klaus Bischoff

Daniel King


Round 7

Klaus Bischoff

Daniel King


Round 8

Klaus Bischoff

Yasser Seirawan


Round 9

Klaus Bischoff

Yasser Seirawan


Round 10

Klaus Bischoff

Simon Williams

Games and commentary start at 4pm CEST (round 10 starts at 3 pm).

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Parallel to the "Masters" the Ville de Bilbao Open takes place for which 140 players have registered.

The tournament is supported by the city of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia. Tournament organiser is the Bilbao chess club "E4."


Round Day Time
Opening ceremony 12.July 16:00
1. round 13.July 16:00
2. round 14.July 16:00
3. round 15.July 16:00
4. round 16.July 16:00
5. round 17.July 16:00
Free day 18.July  
6. round 19.July 16:00
7. round 20.July 16:00
8. round 21.July 16:00
9. round 22.July 16:00
10. round 23.July 15:00
Closing ceremony... 23.July  

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