Big Karpov fund-raiser in New York

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5/18/2010 – Karpov, Kasparov and Carlsen – two former and one very likely future world champion – took part in a launch party and fundraiser in the spectacular Trump SoHo Hotel in New York. It is for Karpov's bid to become President of FIDE. There were chess games as well as entertainment and champagne, which introduced a slight complication in the festivities. Pictures and video.

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Karpov at the Campaign party at the Trump SoHo Hotel in New York

The three champs: 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov; 13th World Champion
Garry Kasparov; possible future world champion Magnus Carlsen

There was a funny moment at the end, when they brought out the champagne for final toast. None for Magnus, not old enough to drink in US! The 19-year-old gamely joined in the toast with an invisible glass. On the left is Richard A. Conn Jr., candidate for Deputy President on Karpov's ticket. Carlsen also got a laugh when he said: "I think there are more visitors in this room than at the FIDE Grand Prix in Astrakhan..." [Pause] "At any of the rounds..." [Pause] "Actually in all rounds put together."

Pega Systems CEO Alan Trefler (left), co-sponsored the event, secured won one of the
auction spots to play in consultation with Kasparov against Carlsen and Boaz Weinstein

This was Carlsen's first visit to New York and he made it a memorable night for many who were eager to meet the hottest star in chess. Guests and delegates came from Europe, California, Iowa, Jamaica, and just about everywhere in between.

Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen play two blitz games simultaneously against winners of an auction to raise funds for Anatoly Karpov's campaign for FIDE president. Carlsen's opponent on the right is IM Dean Ippolito. The commentator is GM Maurice Ashley, who flew in from the US Championship in Saint Louis with Advisory Board member Rex Sinquefield, just for the night. Ashley is famous for his tremendously entertaining style as master of ceremonies.

One of the opponents of Kasparov was Shahar Tzafrir, a chess fan who had flown in from London. He wrote: "What a feeling it was to sit in front of Kasparov with a board between us! I gave him a good fight too. Karpov was commenting on the live game to the audience and several times he said I found 'only moves'. And Magnus gave the game a few glances and made some comments as well. God – I played the previous world-champion (the greatest ever), had the world-champion before him comment, and had the next world champion comment too. It doesn't get any better for a non-rated patzer like me! The result was obvious, but Kasparov had to take me all the way to the endgame. I sacked an exchange and closed down the position to different colour bishops. Kasparov was a great gentlemen before and after the game. I read previously that it's hard playing him. Overall one of the best nights of my life, nothing short of it."

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