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7/21/2023 – Vincent Keymer won the duel of pursuers in the Biel Grandmaster Tournament on International Chess Day, as he defeated Le Quang Liem with the white pieces. Keymer is now sharing the lead with David Navara. Bassem Amin also won in round 4, as he got the better of Arjun Erigaisi to claim 4 points for the standings (in the classical section of the Triathlon, wins grant 4 points while draws grant 1½ points). | Photos: Official website

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Keymer and Amin score

Bassem AminVincent Keymer won the duel of pursuers in the Biel Grandmaster Tournament on International Chess Day, as he defeated Le Quang Liem with the white pieces. Keymer is now sharing the lead with David Navara.

In the third round of classical chess, Navara had to settle for a draw against Frenchman Jules Moussard. Meanwhile, Bassem Amin made a leap forward by beating Arjun Erigaisi. Amin is now in fifth place, near the top of the table.

By far the longest battle of the day was the one between Yu Yangyi and Bogdan-Daniel Deac. Only after 6 hours and 59 minutes, they agreed to a draw. Yu thus moved up to third place and is less than one win in classical (4 points) behind the leading duo.

In the lead with 17 points each are Navara and Keymer. Navara is considered to be first in the standings because in the event of a tie, the result of the ACCENTUS Chess960 competition comes into play as a tie-breaker, in which Navara scored half a point more than Keymer.

As he explained in an interview after his victory over Arjun, Amin confessed that he feels extremely comfortable in Biel. The Swiss Festival, in which he already took part for the first time 22 years ago, is his absolute favourite tournament!

Grandmaster Triathlon - Standings

All games: Classical | Rapid | Blitz

Rank Name Games Classical Rapid Blitz Total
1 David Navara 10 7 10 17
2 Vincent Keymer 10 7 10 17
3 Yu Yangyi 10 9 13½
4 Le Quang Liem 10 8 5 13
5 Bassem Amin 10 4 8 12
6 Jules Moussard 10 6 10½
7 Arjun Erigaisi 10 3 5 8
8 Bogdan-Daniel Deac 10 3 3 6

All games - Classical

Master Open: Liu Yan takes the lead

Chinese Grandmaster Liu Yan remains the only player with a perfect score in the Master Tournament (MTO) after defeating GM Aryan Chopra (IND) on board 1. With 4 points, he is now half a point ahead of four players at the top of the standings.

Among Liu’s closest pursuers are rating favourite GM Bu Xiangzhi, who beat Irine Sukandar in round 4, and Indian GM Pranav Anand. The top scorer among the women currently is the Indian WGM Vantika Agrawal, who stands in 18th place with 3/4 points. The best Swiss representative is Fabian Frey in 42nd place.

Biel Chess Festival 2023

The playing hall in Biel

Standings - Round 4

Rk. Name Pts.  TB1 
1 Liu, Yan 4 8
2 Pranav, Anand 3,5 8,5
3 Deuer, Marius 3,5 8
4 Bu, Xiangzhi 3,5 7
5 Samant, Aditya S 3,5 7
6 Aryan, Chopra 3 10
7 Harikrishnan, A Ra 3 8,5
8 Quesada Perez, Luis Ernesto 3 8,5
9 Rodrigue-Lemieux, Shawn 3 8
10 Nguyen, Ngoc Truong Son 3 8
11 Jain, Kashish Manoj 3 7,5
12 Licznerski, Lukasz 3 7,5
13 Yuffa, Daniil 3 7,5
14 Muthaiah, Al 3 7,5
15 Albornoz Cabrera, Carlos Daniel 3 7

...99 players

All available games - Round 4

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The Beauty Awards

When so many games are played daily, it is inevitable that a few particularly outstanding encounters take place. To highlight these games, the organisers of the Biel Chess Festival have created the Beauty Award.

Every evening after the rounds are over, the most attractive game from the MTO, HTO and ATO can be voted for on the festival’s social media channels. The winners have the opportunity to present their game on the live stream the following day and receive a small gift.

The winners are showcased on the official website. You can replay the winners from the first three rounds below.


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