Bidding for the FIDE World Championship

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4/20/2005 – The World Chess Federation has published the conditions for its classical chess world championship in October 2005. Eight players, Kasimdzhanov, Adams, Kramnik, Leko, Kasparov, Anand, Topalov and Morozevich, are invited to take part in a double round robin. A prize fund of $500,000 is guaranteed, but FIDE is seeking bidders for more.

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The FIDE President and President of the Republic of Kalmykia, H.E. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, has undertaken to organise the World Championship in Elista, with a prize fund of half a million US dollars. But that is a fallback offer. FIDE is inviting bids from other countries and organisations to top the sum and stage the world championship elsewhere. The bidding process started on March 31 and ends on April 28. Here is a summary of the terms and conditions of the event. A full description is provided as a PDF file at the end.

  • The World Chess Championship Tournament (WCCT) will have eight players and will be staged in October 2005. The exact date and the venue are still to be announced

  • The following players will be invited to participate in the WCCT 2005:

    1. GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov of Uzbekistan (World Champion)
    2. GM Michael Adams of England (runner-up of the Tripoli World Championship)
    3. GM Vladimir Kramnik of Russia
    4. GM Peter Leko of Hungary
    5. GM Garry Kasparov of Russia
    6. GM Vishy Anand of India
    7. GM Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria
    8. GM Alexander Morozevich of Russia

  • The last four players are nominated on the basis of the FIDE rating list (average of July 2004 and January 2005). If any player declines the invitation he will be replaced by the next on the FIDE rating list (average rating of July 2004 & January 2005).

  • The FIDE President has announced his proposal to organise this Tournament in Elista with a prize fund of US $500,000 plus 20% ($100,000) as a contribution to FIDE. The world chess federation expects potential bidders to offer a higher amount. No bidder can have a sponsor advertising tobacco and/or alcohol.

  • The bidding procedure opened on March 31st and will close on April 28th, 2005, 12.00 GMT. Each applicant pays a non-refundable fee of US $1,000. Bidders must propose a venue and a prize fund, with bank guarantees. The FIDE president decides which applicant is chosen.

  • The event will be a double round robin at the following time controls: 40 moves in 2 hours, followed by 20 moves in one hour, followed by 15 minutes plus 30 seconds for all moves (40/2h, 20/1h, 15m+30sec/all). There will be free days after rounds four, eight and twelve.

  • In case of a tie the title of the World Champion will be decided by the results of the games between the players involved in the tie. If they are still tied the total number of wins in the tournament is decisive. If there is still no clear winner the players will play two rapid chess games (25'+10") against each other. If necessary the winner will be decided in blitz games.

  • The world champion receives 30% of the prize fund, the second place 20%, third 14%. The rest get 10%, 8%, 7%, 6% and 5%. Prize money will be divided equally when players have the same score.

  • The income generated by admission charges, concessions, photography, radio, go to the organizers, the television and Internet web transmission rights for the event belong to FIDE.

  • The players are required to make themselves available for short interviews immediately after each game. They are required to maintain a dignified appearance at all times during the World Chess Championship Tournament.

  • Each player is entitled to a double room with full board in a first class hotel. Accommodation for principals and other designated FIDE officials are to be provided in a five-star hotel, with a suite of appropriate protocol status for the FIDE President.

  • Full details in a PDF document
  • Official FIDE web site

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