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by ChessBase
8/26/2002 – Europe's largest computer magazine, ComputerBild, has tested board games for PCs. The winner is Fritz 7. The editors were deeply impressed by the program's clarity, functionality and playing strength. "This is what a board game should look like!" they write. The only puzzling thing is the illustration to the article, which seems to compare Fritz to having sex. Judge for yourself in our synopsis here

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In its latest issue Europe's largest computer magazine, ComputerBild, has conducted a test of board games available for PCs. The winner was Fritz 7.

The editors of ComputerBild praised the clearly arranged interface, the funny verbal chatter and the playing strength. They mention the great online help and the variability of the playing levels.

Quote: "The chess playing program Fritz 7 deeply impressed the ComputerBild testers. It is very strong and has many useful functions. This is what a board game should look like!"

The report is illustrated with the following picture. The title is a German language pun (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing) with the components "Bett" = bed, "Brett" = board and "Szenen" = scenes.

ComputerBild also devotes a full page to ticks and tips for using Fritz 7.

The magazine is read by over eight million people in Germany.

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