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3/26/2020 – Alexander Grischuk, currently number four in the world, was one of the Candidates in Yekaterinburg but he nevertheless vehemently criticized the decision to go forward with the tournament in the times of Corona. During the tournament he more than once was in favour of cancelling the event. And he also had a number of memorable moments in the press conferences after the game. | Photo: Screenshot of the live-transmission from Yekaterinburg

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Under the heading "Thug Life" "Juanfer MG" publishes video compilations of Grischuk's best remarks in interviews and press conferences on YouTube. Here's an example from the Candidates in Yekaterinburg.

Question: "Are you satisfied with the outcome?"

Grischuk: "I slept half of the game. I don't know what I was thinking. Then when I woke up, I see I only have 6 minutes left on the clock."

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Best of Sasha

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