Best of 2015: Best Game

1/1/2016 – The year 2015 is over now, so we thought it's time to let you vote for the highlights of the past year. Today we want you to vote for the best game of the year 2015. The following article features a selection of ten games from the elite level. Which, do you think, is the best game of 2015?

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To vote you need to login with your ChessBase Account. The final result of the vote will be revealed in a week but during the next days more polls about various aspects of chess will follow. However, now it's your turn to vote for the "Best game of the Year 2015". The games in the list were selected by the editorial staff of ChessBase and you might miss your favorite. But all of the following ten games are remarkable and impressive and certainly belong to the best games played in 2015.

When choosing our ten favorites of 2015 we focused on top players and top events and did only consider games played with a classical time-control. Neither correspondence, nor rapid or blitz games were considered. Here are the candidates:






















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chard chard 1/9/2016 08:22
Wesley So-Ding Liren for me is the best game for 2015
criminsane criminsane 1/7/2016 04:07
The best game of 2015 was Wesley So vs Ding Liren. Beautiful queen sac by Wesley to win the match.
tratina tratina 1/6/2016 10:53
voting on this site is still mystery to me !?!
Despite few posts here by few members, the vote count remains the same ?!?
Amulet Amulet 1/5/2016 11:44
Would someone tell me how I could cast my my vote?
mcten mcten 1/5/2016 08:28
A very exciting game between GM So, Wesley2760–GM Ding, Liren2782 1–0
E99Grand Slam Final 8th(1)26.10.2015. For me this was the best & entertaining game of the year 2015.
salmar salmar 1/5/2016 06:55
My number 1 choice for Best game of the year 2015!!!

So, Wesley2760–Ding, Liren2782 1–0

bishopB5 bishopB5 1/5/2016 06:50
So – Ding Liren, Bilbao 2015 was a fantastic game. I go for it.
Amulet Amulet 1/5/2016 06:19
So, Wesley2760–Ding, Liren2782 1–0
E99Grand Slam Final 8th(1)26.10.2015

This is for me the best game for year 2015!
GARIB98 GARIB98 1/5/2016 04:18
i like how so's game against liren mirrors a publicized part of so's private life. at the us national championship, so forfeited a game. for explanation, there came out this story how his estranged mother came to the tournament allegedly at the invitation of his nemesis at webster university. then there were posts where the estranged mother was asking among others who is this woman acting as so's new foster mother and joining him in all his tournaments, something that his estranged mother wont do. more here this story about turning your back on your own mother and family in pursuit of chess glory and finding a foster mother who support the kind of chess life you want-- is beautifully echoed in so--liren game by so's queen sacrifice, so's threat to make a queen out of his own pawn, and so allowing black to make another queen knowing that it wont matter in the final result of the game. fascinating!

Rejean Tremblay Rejean Tremblay 1/5/2016 02:50
Wei Yi - Bruzon by a margin. My 2nd choice: Carlsen - Li Chao.
tratina tratina 1/5/2016 01:24
I still do not understand
a) Who is eligible to vote;
b) How to vote;
c) If I'm eligible and send a message to the "site" about what is my vote, how do I know it is recorded;

Can someone enlighten me please.
digupagal digupagal 1/4/2016 09:58
X iLeon aka DMG
This is the problem with Chess, these new breed of computer machines (Carlsen,Wesley,Fabiano etc.) are killing chess with engine preparations and/or computer like dry play.

In few years we will only see machine games happening, we must add additional rules to make chess more complicated for machines and eliminate machines.
tratina tratina 1/4/2016 05:38
1) Happy New Year everyone!
2) As big fan of Mar Del Plata line So-Ding Liren cought my attention immediately and 14.c5 seemed impressive (I have not seen it before, perhaps someone may enlighten me whether or not that was TN);
3) I'm not sure if Black can still be quicker on the K-side and I'm not aware of any evidence to it, because e.g. So-Nakamura game does not prove it since premature Nd3 is tempo loss for White (unlike to many other openings in Mar Del Plata the move order is very, very important);
4) If 14...Nc5 is best or one of best alternatives So proved to be faster on Q-side than Black on K-side and that is the ONLY thing the sides have to prove in this variation;
5) Wesley So executed his play with a brilliant "Q-sac" and I did not see any engine has found sufficient counter-play by Black;
7) In an OTB game So's execution was brilliantly immaculate despite difficulty in finding move to move solutions;

Therefore, my vote goes to So-Ding Liren as the best.

My second would be Wei, Yi2724–Bruzon Batista, Lazaro26691–0 because I also like Sheveningen and everything from 22. Rxf7 on is an absolute jewel and gourmet treatment for a chess-eye.

Having said all of that, ALL these games are magnificent, so I found it necessary to explain my vote.
gmwdim gmwdim 1/3/2016 06:37
Amazing games, proof that inspiration in elite-level chess is far from dead!
GM27 GM27 1/2/2016 06:28
Wei Yi – Bruzon, Danzhou 2015 is the best game.
sicilian_D sicilian_D 1/2/2016 05:51
from the list, I'd go for king-march on face value = navara game. (prepared or otherwise).
Truffaut Truffaut 1/2/2016 04:47
I'd like to see an annual Ten Best Chess Games list from ChessBase with all games annotated. It seems like common sense to publish such a list every year.
tanu2 tanu2 1/2/2016 11:34
I think all the games are beautifull and we are so lucky that we can see such beautifull games even in 2015 also. My wish is only that those pretty games can also be seen 2016 and in later years.
FramiS FramiS 1/2/2016 10:44
In reference to the game Navara - Wojtaszek it should be mentioned that the German grandmaster Knaak discovered a refutation of the whole idea afterwards , namely 24 ... Bd3. At least Navara himself agreed to that after analysing Knaak's discovery. Wojtaszek also dismissed (missed?) drawing possibilities in the game later.
qiqiangzhu qiqiangzhu 1/2/2016 06:14
Wesley So appeared 3 times here, 1 win 2 lose, this guy can often make himself or let his opponent plays extraordinary chess, including his latest loss to Yu YangYi few days ago.
libyantiger libyantiger 1/2/2016 01:37
hi you x li dmg ...first i am not chess novice ..second it is well known fact that magnus games are boring

you gone way into the past ...why not you consider the kasparov games ...he plays sound and exiting chess

yes i am exited by "sound chess that has great sacrifices and attacking play "

you must be one of those who love "boring engine like games"

that is you choice any way ...but still the majority of chess fans like attacking chess rather than

grinding strategic machine like boring games

aku adalah mykasparov aku adalah mykasparov 1/2/2016 01:26
i like so vs liren
X iLeon aka DMG X iLeon aka DMG 1/2/2016 01:10
Libyanter - very superficial comment! If you think MC's game is calc and no art you've got it the wrong way round and your chess skill must be at a very basic level! Guess you'd be more at home with an all-out sacrificial attack game from the 19th century. But you know, chess has moved on a little since Anderssen's Evergreen... As for me, I think I'll go for the Chismatullin game too, though all of the choices are superb for different reasons and I'm surprised as many of the games I chose as best of the year are not even in the list. It's always great to be spoilt for choice!
MonsterofRook MonsterofRook 1/2/2016 12:34
Very interesting to see how the vote is going at this stage. It looks like Wei Yi's so called "Game of the Century" is not even Chessbase readers game of the year!

The Khismatullin game is very beautiful but for me the best game of the year is not on this list. It was Shirov vs. Kramnik from the first round of the Russian Team Championship. Shirov outplayed Kramnik in Berlin which is an extraordinary thing. He played pretty much perfectly and it certainly wasn't all about preparation. I really can't believe that this was overlooked by the Chessbase panel. "Shame. Shame. Shame!"
RaoulBertorello RaoulBertorello 1/2/2016 12:12
Anyway, pölönc suggestion that Navara's maneuvr is worth metioning is something I agree with, but only as a runner up. Silver medal. Because embarking on that trip looked like to me a shrewd patzer who tries to muddy the waters so as to win against a stronger opponent in a 1 minute game. In other words that game annoys me a little. Or maybe I just don't understand good chess. Here again, I'd like to ask Chessbase to submit this list of games to some retired chess champions (Kasparov ? Karpov ?) and ask them what they'd vote as the best game (and runner up, and bronze medal, and special mention) and, above all, why.
ebit ebit 1/1/2016 11:52
Navara's and Yi's games were prepared, Magnus was surprised by Black's Qe8 and calculated everything over the board, so he PLAYED the best game 2015.
RaoulBertorello RaoulBertorello 1/1/2016 11:49
I'm sorry for everybody, it's no contest. Khismatullin played a game whose final 14 moves will end up into all chess books (better; maybe from move 39 on). It's impossible Denis saw all the moves in advance. He was really driven by intuition, which makes the entire sequence all the more unbelievable, and therefore astonishing. It's what makes humankind feel still unreachable by any computer. It's a game that makes me think again that the 2nd Kasparov vs Deep Blue match was set up: Kasparov just took the money from IBM to lose to their computer for advertising the brand. Yes it was surely only that. This is a game that will be remembered for a long time. Perhaps forever. Khismatullin for President !
Mr TambourineMan Mr TambourineMan 1/1/2016 11:03
Another one who deservs a tombstone with a chess diagram of a king marsh the day he dies!
libyantiger libyantiger 1/1/2016 10:13
magnus games are all boring ..yet he is doing well this years we expect more magnus reign
next years and more boring chess

some bitter fact we must accept chess is combination of art and precise calculation but it seems that chess relies more on calculation rather than art least that what is magnus is relying on

good concentration better ability to play long hours of chess with very little and no mistakes
profilatic moves waiting moves ...all boring stuffs yet magnus is always winning and people are not

getting the exceitment they were getting when a player like tal is a world champion
Camembert Camembert 1/1/2016 10:06
As for me, Wei Yi-Bruzon Battista, Lazaro is the best game
TaminoMX TaminoMX 1/1/2016 09:46
Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu vs Wesley So
Dortmund (2015) · Sicilian Defense: Closed Variation (B23) · 1-0

Is one of my favourites. Worth mentioning. Amazing attack!
pölönc pölönc 1/1/2016 09:12
Although it would be more like "the prettiest game of 2015" instead of the best game.. :)
pölönc pölönc 1/1/2016 09:10
The king march by Navara and Kg1!! by Khismatullin were quite spectacular, so maybe one of these games.