Best of 2015: Best Endgame

1/4/2016 – The year 2015 is over now, so we thought it's time to let you vote for the highlights of the past year. Today we want you to vote for the best endgame of the year 2015. The following article features a selection of six endgames picked by GM Karsten Müller. Which, do you think, is the best endgame of 2015?

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To vote you need to login with your ChessBase Account. The final result of the vote will be revealed soon but now it's your turn to vote for the "Best endgame of the Year 2015" - which fittingly is the last of our polls. The endgames in the list were selected by GM Karsten Müller and you might miss your favorite. But all of the following six endgames are remarkable and impressive and certainly belong to the best endgames played in 2015.













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luci087 luci087 1/12/2016 10:38
In the Suba–Laiz Ibanez endgame I think you should metion that 43.Kc6 or 43.g4 holds. In the first endgame it was nice to see that even the best of the world dont play perfectly. My favorite is the engine endgame. It's like a study :-).
An interesting endgame from 2015 is Rublevsky-Adams ECC, I think.
nikojimandres nikojimandres 1/11/2016 07:56
carlsen naka for sure
Kevinunited Kevinunited 1/8/2016 11:52
Where is the endgame of Carlsen Nakamura London chess classic? that was pure art
Nagy Bela Nagy Bela 1/7/2016 11:33
I vote for So-Vachier Lagrave
Kingpawnkid Kingpawnkid 1/6/2016 08:26
I'll vote for Carlsen-Nakamura LCC 2015 bishops vs. knights game
houdiman houdiman 1/6/2016 05:20
So-MVL is best
fixpont fixpont 1/6/2016 04:17
Carlsen - Naka is the best endgame from London Chess Classic
Jason Rihel Jason Rihel 1/6/2016 03:55
For me, the So-MVL endgame is tops. Up until the end (and really many moves after that even), I was not 100% sure Black could win. Heck, with the starting position, it wasn't even immediately clear that Black can hold! There were also many drawn pitfalls MVL had to navigate. A great game.
RaoulBertorello RaoulBertorello 1/5/2016 11:27
The Wojtaszek-Liren endgame is in my opinion the most challenging one, and therefore the hardest to convert, because the material is really almost even, and Wojtaszek got little wrong, while Liren played really flawlessly so I choose this one. This statement needs a little explanation. Karjiakin has already a clear material advantage over Svidler, and white's king has also ot in enemy territory; that's enough for me not to consider that game. Also in So-Lagrave endgame, Lagrave has already a clear avdantage, although little, about half a point (2.5 points for the knight against 2 points for the two pawns that So is up of).The Jonny-Komodo endgame is perhaps the most balanced in material of them all, and yet in such a close position with all those pawns on the board, every chess textbook teaches you that having a knight against a bishop is a clear advantage; make no mistake though, I could have never played like that, but both the opponents were strong engines, wich is like to have me against a same level human opponent: on the long run I'd have good chances to win. The Anand-Carlsen position is essentially a missed chance by Anand, although in a situation that personally I can hardly think of as an endgame yet; I'd really call it still a middlegame, where Anand missed a chance, and missing a chance in a middlegame is pretty different than missing it in an endgame: in the former case it can be thought of as a strategic mistake, even in the Anand case, although hardly, I admit, while in the latter as a tecnical mistake, whereas endgame is really all about (brilliant) tecnique, which, at the end of the day, is what we are asked to assess here. Finally the Suba-Ibanez endgame is a plain an simple underestimation of a drawn position by Suba, a big mistake: too easy for Ibanez to win.
I think the best endgame of the year 2015 is the one which took place in Qatar 2015; Carlsen vs Nakamura.
gmwdim gmwdim 1/5/2016 05:05
The computer ending looks the most impressive, but it doesn't seem fair to include computer games here. From the remaining games I like Wojtaszek-Ding. Not sure why Anand-Carlsen is here, as it was neither a particularly beautiful endgame nor an accurately played one.
davidcmbonu davidcmbonu 1/5/2016 03:09
paul1967 paul1967 1/5/2016 02:06
The Aronian draw against Carlsen should be here...the computer ending not.
emerlion emerlion 1/4/2016 09:06
To me this endgame:

I would change my vote if this endgame was part of it.