BDO Chess: writing history in Haarlem (2/2)

by ChessBase
11/1/2014 – In part two of his report on the BDO Chess tournament, Frits Agterdenbos presents the two tournaments, the Premier won by Dutch veteran Friso Nijboer, and the Challenger won by 13-year-old Dutch talent FM Robby Kevlishvili who also scored an IM norm. With each portrait you will find a summary of their tournament, as well as notable results and the players' impressions.

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Continued from part one

Premier Group

Premier group, round six

GM Friso Nijboer (born in 1965) of the Netherlands, won the Premier
group with 6.5/9 and a 2643 performance

In 2012 he ended his career as a professional chess player to become a full-time business engineer at Finaps where he is involved in building financial applications. Friso explained, "I still enjoy playing chess very much. I played in the European Club Cup in Bilbao in September where I scored in line with my elo. In Haarlem I played better, thanks to lessons from Bilbao. Although in some games I felt a bit shaky. Things could have gone wrong a few times. I have a full-time job, so I have to take vacation to play chess. I can’t play another tournament this year, because all my vacation days are used up".

IM Krystian Kuzmicz (born in 1987) of Poland came in second place in
the Premier group by scoring 6.0/9. He had a slow start with a meager
1.5/4 but a 4.5/5 finish brought him his third GM norm.

Krystian commented, "BDO Chess 2014 was my first tournament this year. I am not a professional player. I am working as President and Chess instructor at the Fundacja Szachy w Szkołach (Foundation for Chess in Schools) in Warsaw. I made my first GM norm in Cappelle-la-Grande 2011 and my second in the Polish individual championship 2012. Thanks to my result in BDO Chess 2014, I earned my third and final GM norm and my elo will be 2470 after this tournament. I will need to win another 30 points to get the GM title. So I want to play more tournaments in the next future."

Top seed GM Dimitri Reinderman (2592 Elo, born in 1972) of the Netherlands finished third
with 5.5/9. He became Dutch champion in 2013 and is a full-time professional.

GM Andrey Sumets (2589 Elo, born in 1980) of Ukraine scored 5.0/9.
As the second seed Andrey was one of the favorites for gold, but after
a loss in round six against Stefan Kuipers, followed by three draws,
he finished fourth

Seeking his third and final GM norm, Dutch player IM Twan Burg (born in 1990) scored 4.5/9,
missing his goal. Twan Burg made his first GM norm in 2012, in the 8th BDO Chess Tournament
and his second GM norm in July 2014 in Erice, Sicily (Italy).

IM Jan-Willem De Jong (born in 1981) of the Netherlands scored 4.5/9,
and balanced his 50 percent score with two losses against the GMs
Reinderman and Sumets plus two wins against IMs Wagner and Picard

17-year-old IM Dennis Wagner from Germany scored 4.0/9 and is one
Germany's brightest talents. He made a GM norm in the 2013-2014
season of the Schachbundesliga playing for SV Hockenheim.

French player IM Charles Monroy (born in 1984) ended on 4.0/9. In
2012-2013 he scored a GM norm in the top league of the French Club

IM Stefan Kuipers (born in 1990) of the Netherlands scored 3.0 points in the Premier group.
He won a spectacular game against Andrey Sumets. Stefan holds a BSc degree in psychology.

[Event "BDO 2014"] [Site "Haarlem"] [Date "2014.10.16"] [Round "6.3"] [White "Kuipers, Stefan"] [Black "Sumets, Andrey"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "C00"] [WhiteElo "2389"] [BlackElo "2589"] [PlyCount "121"] [EventDate "2014.??.??"] 1. e4 e6 2. d3 d5 3. Nd2 Nf6 4. Ngf3 b6 5. g3 dxe4 6. dxe4 Bb7 7. Qe2 Na6 8. Bg2 Nb4 9. Qc4 Ba6 10. Qb3 Bc5 11. h3 O-O 12. a3 Nc6 13. Qa4 Bb7 14. O-O a6 15. e5 b5 16. Qf4 Nd5 17. Qg4 Qe7 18. Ne4 Nxe5 19. Nxe5 f5 {[#]} 20. Nxc5 $3 { White sacrifices his queen with guts and creativity.} fxg4 21. Nxb7 c5 22. c4 Qxb7 23. cxd5 gxh3 24. Bxh3 Qxd5 25. Re1 Rae8 26. Bg2 Qd4 27. Nf3 Qg4 28. Ng5 h6 29. Ne4 c4 30. Be3 h5 31. Bc5 Rf5 32. Nd6 Rxc5 33. Nxe8 h4 34. gxh4 Qxh4 35. Nd6 Qd4 36. Ne4 Re5 37. Re2 a5 38. Rc1 Kf8 39. Rd2 Qb6 40. Rcd1 Rd5 41. Rxd5 exd5 42. Rxd5 b4 43. axb4 axb4 44. Nd6 Qa6 45. Bf1 Ke7 46. b3 Qa1 47. Nxc4 Qb1 48. Rd3 g5 49. Kg2 Kf6 50. Rf3+ Kg7 51. Re3 Qf5 52. Ne5 Qf4 53. Bc4 Qd4 54. Nf3 Qg4+ 55. Kf1 Kf6 56. Re6+ Kg7 {[#]} 57. Rg6+ $1 Kh8 ({The point is obviously} 57... Kxg6 58. Ne5+ {winning the queen.}) 58. Rg8+ Kh7 59. Nxg5+ Kh6 60. Nf7+ Kh7 {[#]} 61. Bd3+ $1 {Whereas the previous time Black could decline, this time, he is forced to take the rook and lose his queen, so he resigned.} ({The point being} 61. Bd3+ Kxg8 62. Nh6+ Kf8 63. Nxg4) 1-0

IM Romain Picard of France came in last in the Premier group with 2.0/9

Picard explained, "Playing in the Premier group is tough. The participants may not all be professionals, but surely they all play professionally. They come to the game very well prepared. I had only three weeks to prepare for the tournament.”

Final standings of the Premier group

Challenger group

Challenger group, round six

The first round saw Nargiz Umudova winning the ladies fight against Anne Haast

Anne Haast vs Manuel Bosboom 1-0 (round six)

13-year-old FM Robby Kevlishvili (born in 2001) of the Netherlands won the Challenger
group with a score of 6.0/9. The Dutch teen talent also score his first IM norm with a
performance rating of 2486.

Robby recounted, "In the final round against Bosboom I had to win to achieve an IM norm. I felt a lot of pressure, but I kept calm. Slowly but surely I achieved a winning position and finally I won. I think this was my best game of the tournament." The photo was taken at the start of the final round. Robby finished second in the 2013 World Youth Chess Championship Under 12 and he is the 2013 World Youth Blitz Chess Champion Under 12.

Dutch player IM Chiel Van Oosterom also ended on 6.0/9, though he
lost out on the gold due to a worse tiebreak. Chiel, who is PhD student
at Eindhoven University of Technology, started with two draws and a
loss, but finished with 5.0/6, giving him second place.

WIM Nargiz Umudova (born in 1989) from Azerbaijan scored 5.5/9 in the Challenger group.
Being lowest rated (2219 Elo) in the group Nargiz surprised friend and foe with a 5.0/6 start.
But then her machine got stuck, only half a point away from the desired IM norm, and she lost
to Jackson and Bosboom. Nargiz recovered in the final round by drawing against Kerigan to
achieve her first IM norm.

Nargiz recalled, "The IM norm makes me feel more confident about becoming IM which is one of my biggest dreams. However, I realise that it was just the first step. There is a big way to go. I think my best game was against Admiraal in round 6. I sacrificed a pawn for development. Later I found out that 17.Rec1 was a strong move which was a novelty as well."

English player FM James P Jackson won four games, lost three and
drew two for 5.0/9 and a plus one score.

FM Miguoel Admiraal (born in 1994) from the Netherlands also ended
on 5.0/9. He is a member of chess club Kennemer Combinatie in Haarlem
where he lives. Miguoel is a student Econometrics and Operations
Research at the University of Amsterdam.

21-year-old WIM Anne Haast, who finished with 4.0/9, is the 2014 Dutch Women champion
and is in training to become a Primary Education teacher.

Dutch player IM Manuel Bosboom (born in 1963) also finished with 4.0/9, but will always
be remembered for beating Gary Kasparov, who was then world champion and at the height
of his abilities, in a blitz game in Wijk aan Zee in 1999. And Gary Kasparov will always
remember Manuel Bosboom, for that same reason.

German player IM Bernd Kohlweyer (born in 1964) ended with 4.0/9.
The experienced master scored his sole victory in round six against
Kerigan who sacrificed a knight and a rook but couldn’t find mate.

FM Pieter Hopman (born in 1972) finished with 3.5/9. He earned an
IM norm in 2005 in Wijk aan Zee.

FM Demre Kerigan (born in 1993) from Turkey scored 2.0 points in the
Challenger group. He is student Business Management and lives in
Utrecht, the Netherlands.

"I made two IM norms so far. The first was in 2011 in the Angora tournament in Izmir, Turkey. The second was in 2013 in the Belgian Club Competition. I came to Haarlem hoping to make my third IM norm but I didn’t come close. This was the worst performance of my life. The tournament was well organized. A beautiful playing venue! But sadly enough it wasn't my tournament."

This is a photo of classroom 44, taken in the playing venue, the Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem.
There is a plate on the door, saying ‘David Klein Zaal’ (David Klein Classroom). The Premier
group of the 9th edition of BDO Chess (2013) played in this classroom. David Klein, who is a
graduate of the Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem, scored his third adn final GM norm in this very
classroom, thus becoming Haarlem's first GM.

Final standings of the Challenger group

About the author

Frits Agterdenbos was one of the leading chess photographers in the eighties. From 1979–1991 his pictures appeared in several magazins, including New in Chess, Schakend Nederland, Inside Chess, BCM, Chess, Europe Echecs and Schach.In 1984 his Dutch book “64 Schaakportretten” (in English “64 Chess Portraits”) was published. In 1991 he “retired” as a chess photographer to finish his studies and in 1997 he received a diploma as an insurance mathematician (actuary). Since 1998 he has been a self-employed, working under the company name “Acturix”, which is his actuarial consultancy firm.


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