Battle of the Sexes: Final round - Live

by ChessBase
2/3/2022 – The "Battle of the Sexes" in Gibraltar is a ten-round Scheveningen match between ten male and ten female players. Before the 10th and final round the men (team Sabino) are three points ahead and lead by 46½-43½. But the women (team Pia) still have chances to catch up. Round 10 starts at 11:00 local time (5:00 ET, 10:00 UTC). Follow the games live and with commentary by Lawrence Trent and Irina Bulmaga.

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arzi arzi 2/3/2022 07:59
Great fighting games on both sides. I just hoped Dubov would be here showing his best chess but unfortunately he is in Berlin with his negative covid result to fight a Fide Grand Prix 2022 title. Any way, good games.
Green22 Green22 2/2/2022 09:15
Eric should get rid of the mask! last two games clearly winning in each game and utter collapse. I love Eric and his YT channel. I watch everyday, but this is painful to watch. its clearly messing with oxygen to his brain. Yes its proven in multiple studies over the past 2 years. Everyone is tested for Covid. Why wear the mask at the board? ridiculous!
lajosarpad lajosarpad 2/2/2022 11:59
@Nite Moves you don't have to watch it if you are not interested. But to be fair, the original intent was to organize the normal Gibchess tournament, however, due to the pandemic, they had to cancel their original intent. So, when the existence of the event became endangered, they came up with an alternative idea of organizing a smaller event and they came up with the idea of creating an all male and all female team. So, they did not really want the event to be like this, but they wanted to organize an event. I do not really understand what the problem is. Maybe if the men beat the women some snowflakes are going to melt, but it was looking the other way around after two rounds. It's a fair fight and I respect the members of both teams.
Nite Moves Nite Moves 2/2/2022 08:13
You guys always bitch about equality for the sexes yet you still hold these events as if they should mean something
basalaziz basalaziz 2/2/2022 12:03
Go Irene go!
John Maccormack John Maccormack 1/29/2022 12:01
Great event. Sock it to 'em ladies.
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 1/25/2022 11:37
Seems the guys are getting battered.
Mamack1 Mamack1 1/25/2022 12:36
Don't follow it, then.
handsomechuck handsomechuck 1/24/2022 08:10
Silly event.