Barriers and bodychecks

2/24/2010 – The position in the diagram is from the game Bu Xiangzhi-McShane. Black will soon have to give up the rook for the a-pawn and when that happens the decisive question is whether the duo of black king and f-pawn are favourably enough placed to draw against the rook and the king. Amongst the weapons in Black's arsenal, there is above all the bodycheck in order to keep the white king at a distance. White, on the other hand, can get to work with a barrier. Sharpen up your analytical abilities by trying to work out the solution and comparing what you find with GM Karsten Müller's analysis. It's well worth the effort! CBM Online.

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White to move. Can he win the ending or can Black hold the draw? Work out your own solution and compare it with the analysis by Karsten Müller.

Analysis Bu Xiangzhi-Mc Shane  by GM Karsten Müller

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