Barclaycard Yes2Chess tournament 2015

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3/2/2015 – How would you like to play in an international chess tournament, via the Internet, as a school team. You will be competing for an extraordinary prize: each national tournament winner will receive a fun-filled trip to London in June 2015 to take part in Finals. The tournament is open to primary/ elementary school teams from eight countries, registry and participation is free. Don't miss it!

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Yes2Chess is an Internet Chess Community for primary/elementary schoolchildren which offers pupils the opportunity to play chess online with children from other countries, and also to compete in an international tournament. This innovative event sees the participation of primary/elementary schools from eight countries: UK, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and the USA.

Between now and July 2015, schools will compete for the grand prize: each national tournament winner will receive a fun-filled trip to London in June 2015 to take part in Finals Weekend, where they will compete over the board against teams from the USA, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Last year, the finalists stayed in a top London hotel...

... enjoyed a simultaneous against grandmaster David Howell,

... a bus tour of London, a reception at the Houses of Parliament

... and a ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ at Barclaycard’s HQ in Canary Wharf.

The final itself took place at Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time, a music festival in Hyde Park

In addition to the tournament there were rides, a spectacular buffet and games of human chess

Barclaycard Yes2Chess – footage of the final, including the human chess games

Here are some reports from last year's event:

Yes2Chess offers school children the opportunity to play online in a safe environment on the Yes2Chess server – which is a special area on All children who register for Yes2Chess through their school from anywhere in the world will receive free membership to this private and moderated area, where they can play and learn at any time. This membership will remain active until July 2015, even if they do not compete in the tournament. Later in 2015 this website will feature free chess lessons, some of them interactive, to help improve children’s chess skills or to teach children the very basics of chess.

Each national stage of the tournament takes place on the Yes2Chess server which, for child safety reasons, has no chat function. However opponents are encouraged to ‘shake hands’ before and after each game via Skype, with the permission of their teachers/tutors.

Say Yes 2 Chess in School!

There are many educational and social benefits of learning chess in primary/elementary school. Chess develops children's critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, whilst helping to improve their memory and concentration. The game also facilitates children’s emotional development by promoting imagination and creativity, teaching that success rewards hard work, building self-esteem and encouraging good sportsmanship. The European Parliament recognised this by endorsing the Chess in Schools programme in 2012, noting that chess ‘contributes to (EU) policy objectives such as social integration and combating discrimination’. The most important thing for us however is that children enjoy themselves.

Barclaycard's Yes2Chess International Challenge 2015

To sign your school up to Yes2Chess, either for tournament or friendly games,
please go to the official registration page. The closing date for all entries is
Tuesday 31st March 2015. And don’t forget it’s free of charge to play.

Visit the Barclaycard Yes2Chess web site

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