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10/11/2016 – As a chess fan, what's your daily schedule like? If you are a student, you will probably attend classes and work on assignments, then follow chess games online, play a ton of blitz. But whatever you are doing right now, put it on hold! Hou Yifan, the Women’s World Champion, is in Hamburg, at the ChessBase HQ. And at 7 p.m. CEST on Wednesday she will be doing an interaction session with everybody, via Playchess and ChessBase’s Official Facebook and Twitter handles!

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Live Q&A with Women's World Champion Hou Yifan!

Hou Yifan, currently in Hamburg, Germany

This will probably be the last time for a long time that we will have a women’s world champion rated above 2600. Earlier this year Hou Yifan quit the Women’s World Championship cycle! Check our interview with Yifan immediately after she dropped out. Currently Yifan is on her way to play a match in Holland:

How to participate in the Q&A on Facebook

Step 01: Please like our Facebook page right now – you get timely updates about literally everything that is happening in the chess world. Truly.

Step 02: Type in your questions in the comments section of the Facebook post that will be up at the appointed time. Please suffix your questions with the hashtag ‘#AskYifan’.

Step 03: There is no step three. Sit back and enjoy other questions. Oh, by the way, ‘Like’ a question or two to make it rise in the comments feed. The more you ‘Like’, the more the chances of the question being featured prominently in the show!

‘Where are my answers?!’ we hear you wonder. Ah, you will see that after the information about Twitter below.

How to participate in the Q&A on Twitter

Step 01: Follow us on Twitter, of course!

Step 02: The Q&A session will start at 4:00 PM UTC. Hou Yifan will welcome the twitterati to the ChessBase Twitter handle. All you have to do is to address your question to the ChessBase handle and end your question with the hashtag #AskYifan. Something like this — @ChessBase Why did Yifan drop out of the world title cycle? #AskYifan.

Step 03: Oh, well, the same thing again — retweet the retweet, so your question becomes famous in the community. The questions with the most retweets will be featured prominently in the Q&A session.

What happens after you ask Yifan all your questions?

At 7 p.m. CET (5 p.m. UTC), Hou Yifan will answer the questions one by one from the ChessBase HQ! The comments with the most number of ‘Likes’ will be focused upon by host Frederic Friedel and Hou Yifan.

It will be easy for the Premium Members to enjoy the show. The complete interaction session will be broadcasted live, as Hou Yifan answers, on Playchess. Premium users also can ask questions in the live chat directly to Yifan, and they will be answered.

Login to your Playchess client and click on ‘Listen to the Radio’ – and sit back and enjoy the live broadcast.

On YouTube

Go to the ChessBase YouTube channel, click on the Subscribe button and never miss a video from ChessBase, with analysis by super GMs and world champions! The entire broadcast will be available on YouTube after the Broadcast finishes, where you can watch Yifan analyze games, and answer all the questions.

On Facebook

The questions with the most number of ‘Likes’ will be answered by Hou Yifan using the ChessBase handle after the broadcast ends. You will be notified as soon as your question (in the comment) is answered. In addition, we will have a video episode of the whole talk show up on Facebook after the Live broadcast is over. ‘Like’ our Facebook page now to stay updated with all the developments!

On Twitter

Hou Yifan will welcome the twitterati to the ChessBase Twitter handle at 7 p.m. CET. She will retweet your question addressed to us via the ChessBase handle, along with her answer as soon as the show is over! Follow us on Twitter now to not miss a single tweet!

Don’t miss this chance to ask Yifan whatever chess question you ever wanted answered by a strong player, a world champion at that! Her views on Hijabgate? Women in chess? Her games where she beat the living daylights out of her opponents? Everything!

When Anastasia Karlovich, press officer for FIDE, asked Yifan about her life plans a few years back, the Chinese starlet replied, “It’s still long way to go and I have many years ahead to do almost everything I want. It’s time to look for new things in chess, in studies, in other parts of life. I just want to expand my life. Life is wonderful!”

So, be with ChessBase at 7 p.m. CET, and #AskYifan!

Video Broadcast for ChessBase Premium Members

Of course, if you have the ChessBase Premium Membership, things can become simpler. The Q&A itself will be broadcasted on Playchess where Premium users also can ask questions in the chat.

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