Ask Magnus, a special live webcast

11/8/2017 – Want to ask Magnus Carlsen a question? The World Champion will be our guest today on a special live webcast, where he'll take questions and have a look at one of his best games from his most recent tournament in the Isle of Man. | Photo: Amruta Mokal

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Magnus Carlsen live webcast

At approximately 18:15 CET (12:15 EST), World Champion Magnus Carlsen was our guest in the ChessBase studio.


Questions for Magnus

Magnus Carlsen

We received some great questions for the World Champion.

All questions received by 18:00 CET will be entered into a random drawing for a copy of Fritz 15 signed by Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, Viswanathan Anand, and Carlsen himself!

Magnus has been busy lately, jet-setting about from his home in Norway to the World Cup in Tbilisi, the Isle of Man, and a simul in Singapore. He's now in Hamburg where he will be the special guest a health conference sponsored by Die Zeit newspaper and the star of the Play Live Challenge, an annual event put on by Play Magnus.

Early Friday, he'll be off again, this time to the "Champions Showdown" rapid and blitz exhibition in Saint Louis, USA.

But before that he joins us for his very first visit to the ChessBase HQ. And you can be there too! Tune in shortly after 18:00 for a live webcast Q & A and a look at one of his recent games.

You can watch on-demand above, or on the Ask the Experts category of the ChessBase Videos portal. Afterwards the interview will also be available for on-demand replay.

Fritz 15 autographed by Kasparov

A chess fan's dream? Send us your best questions!

Photo: Alina l'Ami

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Jerry8 Jerry8 11/8/2017 02:37
Hola Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen,
This might be a personal question, but it'd be great if you could answer them.

1) How is your intuition on chess doing so far? Is it improving much better now since you were young or is it deteriorating?

2) Could you share with us the 'demons' that you mentioned in your documentary/movie?

Thanks, and hope you'll always keep continue on being the best version of yourself. God bless you Magnus.
richard_l_jones richard_l_jones 11/8/2017 02:13

1. What do you do to balance your life, since you put so much time and effort into chess?

2. What is the single greatest value that you hold, and has it always been the same throughout your life? Why?


SSG Jones
oozatas oozatas 11/8/2017 02:12
Hi Magnus,

Who is your favorite living chess player? Would you like to face with him/her in the next World Chess Championship?

ILAN RUBIN ILAN RUBIN 11/8/2017 02:11
Have you read Genna Sosonko's new book on Bronstein? If not can I send you a copy? From the publisher
fbiancal fbiancal 11/8/2017 02:01
Dear Magnus,

who compiles original and unseen puzzles, problems and endgames for your preparation? Do you use a traditional "find the best move" or "find the best plan" in your training?

Bouddha#77 Bouddha#77 11/8/2017 01:56

What would be your score estimate playing one of the strongest engines available in a 12 games match at standard World championship time control?

KSL99 KSL99 11/8/2017 01:56
If one day you decide to quit chess, what will you do?
CSR CSR 11/8/2017 01:54
Who do you think your next challenger for the world championship will be?
Sam dragon Sam dragon 11/8/2017 01:53
when will you play the sicilian dragon again
andrew_luck andrew_luck 11/8/2017 01:49
There are rumors that you are going to get married. Are they true?
username12345 username12345 11/8/2017 01:49
Which is the best book for 2100 rated player
Tom Box Tom Box 11/8/2017 01:46
Dear Magnus,

Could you give your assessment of Capablanca in regard to the other greats of chess and say how much influence he has had on your play?
Many thanks.
Tom Box
Corocotta Corocotta 11/8/2017 01:45
Hello Magnus,
Do you feel in the last 1 or 2 years that the other players have lost the fear to play against you?
ebit ebit 11/8/2017 01:43
Hello Magnus,

you've been a world class player for more than ten years, do you think about writing a book about this time?
Dark Lord_12 Dark Lord_12 11/8/2017 01:38
You have been sitting on the throne since 28 November, 2013. You are currently the top player. But, what is your future plan? What's next on your agenda?
With regards,
BrunoBanani BrunoBanani 11/8/2017 01:35
Dear Magnus,
- Who do you think your opponent will be in the next World Chess Championship?
- Which is you favorite chess engine?
- Do you follow the TCEC (Top Chess Engine Championship)?
- Have you practiced on defense more after the loss against Bu Xiangzhi?
- When will you get married?
- Do your girlfriend play chess?
- Why do you play more exciting chess on faster time controls?
- What are your future goals in chess?
- How do you stay motivated to improve your chess now that you are number one?
- What did you think of Kasparov's temporary comeback?
- Have you considered studying more opening theory to get an advantage in the opening?
- Is it true that you lost to a girl? If yes, how did you feel after the loss?
- Who was the best Chess Champion in history besides you?
- Who is your idol and why?
Ohanessian Ohanessian 11/8/2017 01:35
Hello Magnus! I wanna ask you how much far away is Norway to win an Olympiad?
Pohos Pohos 11/8/2017 01:17
Hallo I started play chess in 19. Can I still get more than 2000 elo in few years like kids? I am now around 1500
Nafim Nafim 11/8/2017 01:17
Wch Carlsen,
Which books you think helped you more than any other till achieving your GM title?

Fan of your strategy,
Kater Kater 11/8/2017 01:15
Dear Magnus, In the advanced variation of the Caro-Kann (1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5), would you consider 3… c5 as a serious alternative to 3…Bf5 and would you might play 3…c5 in one of your future tournament games? Welcome to Hamburg, Marcus.
adamak adamak 11/8/2017 01:06
hi magnus , what is your worst game ever ?! ( i mean recently , in top tournaments )