Asian teams meet in the Thar Desert

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4/16/2003 – It is held every four years: this time the Asian Team Championships is taking place from April 7th to 17th in Jodhpur, which lies in the state of Rajasthan, India. The participating teams include India, China, Vietnam, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazhakstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. We have received a lot of pictures from the tournament and the royal town in the middle of the desert. Here is Vijay Kumar's report from Jodhpur.

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Asian Team Championship in Jodhpur

Held every four years, having the teams from the best chess playing nations of the biggest continent and a few stars from almost every part of Asia, the Asian team championship is quite an important event that has certainly not got the attention it deserves.

This time around it is being held in Jodhpur, India, where Chess is amongst the most happening things these days. With the support of the government and a few elites of the city the event is a grand success.

Jodhpur is a city known for its historical background. It has seven gates and a fantastic environment to suit all tastes. From the Championship Venue hotel one can take a look at the Umed Palace, there are quite a few forts and natural beauty. Another matter that the heat can sometimes take a toll. And why not – it is part of the Thar Desert and is better known as the Suncity!

Almost as if all these things fail to tune one in, the event was thrown wide open by the Indian B team on Monday after they beat a pretty-sitting’ China by 2.5-1.5. The Chinese men were pretty comfortably placed thus far in the championship but this result could well turn out to be that proverbial twist in the tale!

Thanking the co-team after they won and definitely wishing them the best on earth before the start, India ‘A’ had little troubles in demolishing Sri Lanka 4-0. In sole lead on 18.5 points, the India ‘A’ team now meets Kazakhstan in the next round that will probably be crucial for final standings.

This is a nine round Swiss among 13 teams and an unexpected bye in the last round can hurt some team! For example, the Vietnamese get a bye in the penultimate round while on 16 points! They add 2 more while taking some much needed rest after being beaten 1-3 by the Kazakhs!

In the Women’s section it started as a cool catwalk (cakewalk!) for the Chinese eves. They certainly are the strongest in the fray with the likes of Zhu Chen, Xu Yuhua and Wang Yu in their line up.But then things are never too rosy if you are a big favorite. The Indian eves
sprang a major surprise in this section when they beat the Chinese Women 2-1 in their third round encounter. However since then the best have been cautious! Winning all and losing none. The result – a full point lead over Vietnam with two more rounds remaining.

Vijay Kumar/Vishal Sareen

Picture Gallery

Mehran Garh [Garh =Fort]

Ummed Palace: the residence of the royal family. Now a part of the palace has been converted in to a five-tar hotel

Jaswant Thara – the Royal Family cremation ground

The Championship venue at Abhay Days Hotel

Vietnamese Team playing against Turkmenistan

Koneru Humpy, the captain of the India B men's team

Zhu Chen, world women's champion, vs Atousa Pourkashiyan, Iran

Vijaylakshmi, India A women's team. She defeated reigning world champion Zhu Chen in the 3rd round

Sasikiran, India A, vs R. Kasmdzhanov, Uzbekistan

Xu Yuhua, China, vs A. Turebaeva, KHZ


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