Aryan Tari – GM Norm at thirteen

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4/7/2013 – He is a bright new talent on chess horizon: Aryan Tari is rated 2293 and does not even have an FM title. But the young Norwegian, whose parents are originally from Iran, scored a sensational 6.0/9 points against a field that included five international grandmasters. His rating performance was 2585, enough to give him his first GM norm – at the tender age of thirteen.

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GM Norm at thirteen – Aryan Tari with 6.0/9

GM Eduardas Rozentalis of Lithuania won the Open Norwegian Championship in Fagernes, but 13-year-old Norwegian Aryan Tari, currently rated 2297, was name of the day when he secured his first grandmaster norm. And it all happened on the same Sunday when Magnus Carlsen gained his most important win of the Candidates tournament in London, in the penultimate round against Radjabov.

Aryan Tari completing his GM norm against GM Nikolai Ninov of Bulgaria in the final round.

Young Aryan Tari, whose parents are from Iran, is clearly a Norwegian chess hope for the future. His GM norm came surprisingly early, as he is not even and FM yet. Among his countrymen only Magnus Carlsen has achieved GM norms at the age of 13. Tari faced five GMs and three IMs in Fagernes, defeating GMs Misa Pap of Serbia and Norway's second seed Jon Ludvig Hammer, while only losing to Maxim Turov of Russia.

Winners Sergey Volkov, third, Eduardas Rozentalis, first and Simen Agdestein, 2nd place

The veteran Norwegian top player Simen Agdestein (45) performed strongly in a sort of come-back tournament in Fagernes. He only lost the final battle against Eduardas Rozentalis, when a draw would have secured him a clear victory ahead of ten GM colleagues. For next year's chess olympiad host Norway it is good news that Simen Agdestein is seriously running for the team again.

IM Timofey Galinsky of Ukraine (above) gained his second GM norm of the tournament, through his last round victory over top seed GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, who didn't have his best tournament.

IM Eirik Gullaksen of Bergen, editor of the excellent club webpage

Aryan, who picks up 51 rating points with his result in Fagernes,
has been selected on one of Norway’s three teams in the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromsø

The Open Norwegian Championship consisted of three groups with a total of 130 participants, and was a main event of the third Norwegian Chess Festival in the beautiful holiday resort Fagernes, which is is approximately three hours northwest of Oslo.

Fagernes – an important destination for tourism in Norway (photo by John Erling Blad)

Information and pictures supplied by Øystein Brekke,
organizer of the Norwegian Chess Festival in Fagernes

Top final standings

Pl Name Rtng Score Opp-Ø Performance
GM Eduardas Rozentalis 2616 7.0 2366  2629 (+3.30)
GM Simen Agdestein 2555 6.5 2451  2639 (+10.90)
GM Sergey Volkov 2593 6.5 2442  2635 (+6.00)
IM Timofey Galinsky 2416 6.5 2408  2596 (+22.90)
GM Maxim Turov 2599 6.5 2322  2559 (-1.70)
IM Frode Elsness 2483 6.5 2309  2502 (+4.60)
Aryan Tari 2293 6.0 2443  2585 (+51.00)
GM Normunds Miezis 2552 6.0 2345  2494 (-5.00)
GM Nikolai Ninov 2508 6.0 2341  2492 (-0.30)
10  GM Aloyzas Kveinys 2528 6.0 2304  2457 (-6.20)
10  GM Leif E Johannessen 2521 6.0 2304  2468 (-4.60)
12  IM Frode Olav Olsen Urkedal 2470 6.0 2249  2339 (-10.70)
13  Gudmund Stenersen 2219 6.0 2178  2337 (+20.40)
14  GM Sinisa Drazic 2459 5.5 2392  2501 (+7.20)
15  IM Andreas G.R. Moen 2390 5.5 2353  2454 (+14.55)
16  GM Jon Ludvig Hammer 2629 5.5 2312  2448 (-17.60)
17  IM Torbjørn Ringdal Hansen 2463 5.5 2301  2409 (-3.60)
18  IM Nicolai Getz 2352 5.5 2286  2386 (+9.60)
19  IM Espen Lie 2471 5.5 2210  2322 (-13.80)
20  IM Petter Haugli 2293 5.5 2194  2312 (+6.45)
21  FM Bjørnar Byklum 2296 5.5 2151  2269 (-1.35)
22  WGM Olga Dolzhikova 2270 5.5 2143  2240 (-1.80)
23  FM Kristian Stuvik Holm 2310 5.5 1929  2092 (-30.90)

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