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10/11/2003 – On Tuesday Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was elected California's new governor, replacing incumbent Grey Davis. The Austrian-born body builder and Hollywood action star (Terminator, Predator, Total Recall, Running Man, Conan) becomes the head of the world's fifth largest economy. So can you figure out why all of this is of interest on a chess newspage? You will never guess...

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Regular visitors to our site will know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is interested in chess – a few months ago we had an article on his involvement in the game. But did you know that "Arnie" is a good buddy of Garry Kasparov? Here's the proof.

These pictures, which we have bee trying to get hold of for a year now, were taken in March 2002, when the greatest chess player of all time dropped in on the greatest action hero of all time.

For a long time now Schwarzenegger has been deeply involved in the After-School All-Stars movement, which includes year-round Summer and after-school programs in sports, computer technology, fine arts, education – and chess.

Arnold is an active chess player. He and his two boys have a chess coach, as does his wife Maria and their two daughters. We hear that the women's team is stronger. The girls, Katherine and Cristina, are 14 and 12, the boys, Patrick and Christopher, 10 and 6.

The Terminator in a spot of trouble. His opponent is a Skynet GK 2002, which has an organic endoskeleton and is constructed without a a drop of liquid metal.

After the above game against Garry Kasparov Arnie vowed that he would be baack.

Definition of a chess player

Everything Arnold does to advance himself (which is to say, everything Arnold does) is carefully thought through by an analytical mind that always looks many steps ahead and is acute and coldly realistic about the strengths and weaknesses of everybody in the game, himself included. The New Yorker.


Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is born on July 30 1947 in the hamlet of Thal, about four miles from Graz, the capital of Styria (die Steiermark), Austria. He is the second son of Gendarmerie-Kommandant (police officer) Gustav Schwarzenegger and his wife Aurelia. Young Arnold started body-building at the age of 16, and In 1966 he won the Mr. Europe title. A year later he became Mr. Universe, and subsequently won the title four more times.

In 1968 Schwarzenegger moved to to America, winning the titles of Mr. World and Mr. Olympia. In 1980 he won his 7th Mr. Olympia title and first met the TV journalist Maria Shriver, a member of the Kennedy clan. In 1979 he earned a business degree from the University of Wisconsin, in 1984 he became a naturalized U.S. citizen. The first Terminator film was released in 1984, catapulting Schwarzenegger into the “superstar” category. In 1986 Schwarzenegger and Maria Schriver were married. They currently have four children: Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher. On October 2003 Schwarzenegger was elected Govenor of the state of California.


The state of California has the world's fifth largest economy. The gross state product exceeds $1.3 trillion, accounting for 13 percent of the national US output. It ranges only behind Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.

California's population is 35 million, with a 15 million increase over the past 30 years. Currently it the state is adding about 550,000 persons annually – more than a city the size of Long Beach or a state the size of Wyoming.

The five Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego account for 55 percent of state's total population, and 52 percent of the total increase in population since 1997.

25% of California's current residents – a total of 8.9 million people – were born outside of the United States. This compares to 10% for the US as a whole. About half the foreign-born Californians are from Latin America, another third are from Asia. 80% of the foreign-born Californians live in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles (5.1 million) and San Francisco (1.9 million).


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