Annotated highlights from the World Senior Championships

by Adrian Mikhalchishin
12/3/2018 – Grandmaster ADRIAN MIKHALCHISHIN takes a look at some of the key games from the World Senior Championships recently concluded in Bled, Slovenia. Featured are the games of 65+ runner-up Yuri Balashov and third place Nukhim Rashkovsky, Women 65+ winner Nona Gaprindashvili, best 50+ woman Elvira Berend, Open 50+ champ Karen Movsziszian and runner-up Giorgi Bagaturov | Photo: Tadej Sakelšek

How Bobby Fischer battled the Sicilian How Bobby Fischer battled the Sicilian

Fischer liked to play aggressive but basically sound lines against the Sicilian and many of his variations are still very much alive and a good choice for players of all levels.


The 28th World Senior Chess Championship was played in Bled (Slovenia) from November 17th to 29th, 2018. The championship was divided into 4 categories: Open 50+, Open 65+, Women 50+ and Women 65+. In total 330 players from 57 countries and all the continents came to enjoy the event. Among them were 20 Grandmasters and 10 Women Grandmasters.

Read the report on the results. Below find selected highlights from GM Mikhalchishin. 

Playing hall

Highlights annotated by GM Mikhalchishin


Victor Kupreichik award winner

Victor Kupreichik's award for the best-attacking player went to Per Ofstad from Norway | Photo: Tadej Sakelšek

Born in 1954 in Lvov and a Grandmaster since 1978, Mikhalchishin is currently among the top 5 world trainers and the Chairman of the FIDE Trainers' Commission. The Ukrainian trained the team of USSR in 1980s, national teams of Slovenia, Poland and the Netherlands, and was the trainer of Anatoly Karpov (1980-1986), he trained Zsuzsa Polgar, Alexander Beliavsky, Maja Chiburdanidze, Arkadij Naiditsch and Vassily Ivanchuk.


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