"Online chess is the way to go" - The Times of India interviews Anish Giri

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6/20/2020 – As the Chessable Masters is about to begin, Anish Giri talked to the Times of India about the future of online chess. The Dutch star thinks that "all the positive things that happened to chess online (like the tournament and twitch and youtube streamers) are there to stay". | Photo: FIDE

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An optimistic view

CHENNAI: Anish Giri, fresh from his victory at the Dodgy Invitational, will line up against the best in business in the upcoming Chessable Masters which starts off from June 20. In a chat with TOI, the Dutch GM spoke on how online chess has kept the sport alive at the covid19 pandemic and more.

How much confidence will you take from the fact that you were able to beat Magnus Carlsen in the last leg of MC Invitational — when you play him at the Chessable Masters?

The first event of the MC tour was a lot different in its format, and I had suffered from a tough start. It took a few days till I made a comeback, against Magnus Carlsen himself, beating him in the match. This is certainly something that will give me confidence in times of need, but obviously each new tournament has its own unique dynamic.

You won the Dodgy Invitational a few days ago. Do you feel online tournaments will be the way to go considering the pandemic isn’t looking like stopping anytime soon?

Actually I’m hearing some rumours about the resumption of some closed classical events within the next half a year. In the meantime, obviously online chess is the way to go. Even when the over the board tournaments resume, I expect the efforts that chess organizers and players have put into the world of online chess will not be wasted and all the positive things that happened to chess online (like the tournament and twitch and youtube streamers) are there to stay. 

Do you see the Candidates taking place in the coming months?

I expect FIDE to make the announcement relatively soon. I hope the covid19 situation in the world will soon resolve, it will be good for the Candidates tournament, but mostly also for life in general. 

Read the full interview at the Times of India

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conillet conillet 6/22/2020 01:03
The issue of potential cheating, by the way, is one major reason why we keep seeing "these same guys": They trust each other, and the organisers trust them.
As it happens, the current-day top players all appear to be nice, honest guys.
But even if they weren't, the mere shadow of suspicion could do lasting damage to a top player's reputation and career.
Go down some 100+ ELO-points, however, and the "risk-reward" ratio looks quite different.
samitra samitra 6/21/2020 11:58
Online chess is both boon and a curse. With too many tournaments happening at the same time, many simultaneously, there is a surfeit of top level chess being played. There is a fatigue setting in already. Who wants to keep these same guys over and over each week just playing in a differently named match? While the top guys will benefit financially in the short-term, they may be killing the golden goose.
conillet conillet 6/21/2020 04:36
In a general sense, Online Chess is hardly the way to go, because the problem of cheating would spin out of control.
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 6/21/2020 10:40
'Online chess is the way to go' That's, let's say, a rather dodgy headline. What Giri actually said was 'IN THE MEANTIME (that is, before the resumption of classical play) online chess is the way to go'. Of course, as he also says, there will be more online tournaments than in pre-covid times (if only to satisfy the 'pro wrestling' fans), but personally I can't wait to see everything back to normal.