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10/24/2006 – Like to gain twisted satisfaction from an off-form Ivanchuk? Watch Kiril Georgiev get drubbed in a Blumenfeld Gambit? Or learn how to defeat one of Black's most solid responses against the exchange Queen's Gambit. Our Playchess lecturer Andrew Martin shows it in his Wednesday night lecture.

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It's ... the Andrew Martin Radio ChessBase Show

Tune in to the Radio show this week if you consider yourself any sort of chess fan. We have a glorious selection of entertaining games which are also highly instructive. Gain twisted satisfaction out of seeing Vasily Ivanchuk off-form.

Ivanchuk,Vassivy (2741) - Korneev,Oleg (2657) [D45]
Magistral Barcelona Casino Barcelona ESP (1), 19.10.2006
1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Nc3 e6 5.e3 Nbd7 6.Qc2 Bd6 7.g4

White lashes out with 7 g4, a long way from the World Championship match, and comes a terrible cropper.

Watch Kiril Georgiev get drubbed in a Blumenfeld Gambit:

Georgiev,Ki (2680) - Nisipeanu,LD (2690) [E10]
22nd ECU Club Cup Feugen AUT (6), 13.10.2006
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.c4 c5 4.d5 b5 5.dxe6 fxe6 6.cxb5 d5 7.g3 a6 8.bxa6 Bd6 9.Bg2 0-0 10.0-0 Nc6 11.b3 Bxa6 12.Bb2 Qe8 13.Nbd2 Rd8 14.Re1 Ng4 15.h3.

15...Nxf2! from Nisipeanu is brilliant!

Learn how to defeat one of Black's most solid responses against the exchange Queen's Gambit:

Gyimesi,Zoltan (2602) - Fox,Anthony (2123) [D36]
EU Ch Cork 2005 (1.1), 22.03.2005
1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.cxd5 exd5 5.Bg5 c6 6.e3 Be7 7.Qc2 Nbd7 8.Bd3 Nh5 9.Bxe7 Qxe7 10.0-0-0 Nb6 11.Nf3 Be6 12.Kb1 0-0-0

Banikas,H (2576) - Kalesis,N (2435) [E15]
Greek Teams Cup Final Athens GRE (2.1), 01.10.2006
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4.g3 Ba6 5.b3 b5

Enjoy 5...b5 going down the pan in Banikas-Kalesis. Black was not OK in this one!

We review "How to Defend in Chess", a literary masterpiece by Dr Colin Crouch, and the puzzle is sure to frustrate the keen solvers in our growing audience.

Samuel Loyd, 1860

Over the board this endgame might well cause a few nightmares. It's White to play and draw. Answers to by Wednesday 18:00hrs. There was no winner last week!

Last week's puzzle

Motwani,P - Roca, 1986

White has the choice between a) 1.d7+ and b) 1.Qc3+.
Which is the strongest move and why?

1.d7+? Tempting but wrong. After the game Motwani pointed out the win: 1.Qc3+! Kb7 (1...Kb8 2.Qc7+ Ka8 3.d7 Qg1+ 4.Kb2 Qd4+ 5.Ka2 Rb8 (5...Qxe5 6.Qxe5 Rd8 7.Qc7 Rhh8 8.Qc6+ Ka7 9.a4! Rb8 10.Qc7+ Ka8 11.axb5 axb5 12.c4 bxc4 13.Qc6+ Ka7 14.b5 Rb7 15.Qa6+ Kb8 16.Qd6+ Ka8 17.d8Q++-) 6.Qc6+ Ka7 7.Re7!!+-) 2.Re7+ Ka8 3.Qd4! Rh1+ (3...Qb7 4.Rxb7 Kxb7 5.Qe4+ Kb8 6.d7 Rd8 7.Qc6+-) 4.Kb2 Qxc2+ 5.Kxc2 R8h2+ 6.Qd2 Rxd2+ 7.Kxd2+–.

1...Kd8 2.Qd6 Rh1+ 3.Kb2 Qxc2+!! 4.Kxc2 R8h2+ 5.Kb3. Draw agreed. A position which requires a more detailed analysis than might appear at first sight. 1/2-1/2.

Make sure you are free at 20:00h GMT / 21:00 CEST this Wednesday. See you there!

The Andrew Martin Radio ChessBase lecture normally begins on Wednesdays at 21:00h CEST (European Central time = server time, which translates to 20:00h London, 3:00 p.m. New York, 05:00 a.m. Sydney (on Thursday). You can use Fritz or any Fritz-compatible program (Shredder, Junior, Tiger, Hiarcs) to follow the lectures, or download a free trial client.

The Andrew Martin Chess Academy opens today, March 1st 2006. The site offers a personal game annotation service; a regular newsletter written by AMCA staff; the best online tuition in terms of value and quality; a series of tournaments for children aged under 14; all aspects of chess training, including specific opening preparation; an AMCA room at, where lessons may be held in complete privacy with our expert tutors – all at a time that is best for you at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world. The motto: "Join us, Improve and enjoy your chess!"

Andrew Martin, chess trainer and teacher

He is not some unknown in the world of chess. Andrew Martin was the star commentator in the 2000 London match between Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik, and he gained recent international fame and popularity with his live audio commentary on during the FIDE world championship in San Luis.

Andrew is also a prolific chess trainer, not just live in British scholastic circles, but also in a series of training DVDs he has produced for ChessBase, taking full advantage of our Chess Media System. His lively, entertaining style, combined with a good dash of humour, makes any lesson with him a delight to follow.

Andrew Martin is 47 years old and lives in Sandhurst, England, with his wife and four children. His book King‘s Indian Battle Plans for Thinkers Press was an international best-seller.

Each week Martin will cast his eye over the contemporary chess scene, presenting a veritable pot-pourri of interesting topics. We look forward to the pleasure of your company.

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