Anand continues to win "Ciudad de Leon"

by André Schulz
6/13/2016 – Last weekend the Spanish town Leon invited to its traditional chess event, the "29th Ciuduad de Leon", a four-player k.o.tournament in rapid format. The favorite was Vishy Anand who had won the previous eight events. The former World Champion continued this series though he needed some luck to beat Chinese prodigy Wei Yi in the finals.

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Two young Spanish talents had the chance to test their skills against Vishy Anand and Wei Yi: David Anton, who is part of the Spanish national team, and Jaime Santos, a young player from the region of Leon.

Press conference with the players

First semifinal

Both semifinals and the final were four-game matches. In the first semifinal Anand played agaiinst Anton and had some trouble. After a draw in the first game, Anand won the second game but in third game the Spaniard won and managed to equalize the match. However, in the fourth game Anand, who has an enormous experience in rapid matches, scored his second win and qualified for the final.

Not all seems well: Press conference with Viswanathan Anand and David Anton

The first semifinal


The second semifinal

In the second semifinal Jaime Santos played against Wei Yi. Of course, the Chinese prodigy was clear favorite but the match was everything but one-sided. Three of the four games were drawn but Wei Yi won the match because he could win the second game.

Jaime Santos and Wei Yi

The first move


The final between Anand and Wei Yi followed on Sunday, the second day of the event. Anand took an early lead by winning the first game - maybe it was his huge experience that made fortune help him.  

Anand-Wei Yi, Game 1


The second game ended in a draw - and Wei Yi again missed his chances.

Wei Yi-Anand, Game 2


With draws in games three and four Anand secured the match and could enjoy his ninth victory in Leon.

All games



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