Anand beats Ponomariov in 20th León rapid

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7/7/2007 – The 20th Ciudad de León chess tournament is being held from 4th to 9th July 2007, with four World Champions taking part: Viswanathan Anand, current number 1 in the FIDE ratings, Veselin Topalov, second in the FIDE list, Ruslan Ponomariov and Rustam Kasimdzhanov. All four have held the title of FIDE World Champion in the past. Round one report.

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XX Magistral Ciudad de León

There are two semi-finals, played on Friday and Saturday July 6 and 7, with the two winners playing the final on Sunday July 8th. The semi-finals and final will consist in four games each. All games are to be played at a rate of 20 minutes for the whole game, with an increment of 10 seconds after each move. In case of a final draw, there will be a tie-break in form of blitz games (5 minutes for each player).

First semifinal: Anand defeats Ponomariov

On Friday the four games of the first semifinals brought clear victory to the world's top ranked grandmaster Viswanathan Anand of India over Ruslan Ponomariov of Ukraine. Anand won the first two games and drew the remaining encounters.

Anand,V (2786) - Ponomariov,R (2717) [C18]
XX Ciudad de Leon Leon ESP (1.1), 06.07.2007
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.e5 c5 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.bxc3 Nc6 7.Qg4 g6 8.h4 h6 9.Bd2 c4 10.Qg3 Bd7 11.h5 g5 12.f4 f6 13.Nh3 Qc7 14.Be2 0-0-0 15.0-0 Be8 16.Rae1 Rd7 17.Qh2 f5 18.fxg5 hxg5 19.Nxg5 Nd8 20.Rf4 Rg7 21.Rh4 Nh6 22.Nh3 Qe7 23.Nf4 Qxa3 24.Rh3 Qf8 25.Rg3 Rxg3 26.Qxg3 Qe7 27.Ra1 a6 28.Be1 Rg8 29.Qh4 Qxh4 30.Bxh4 Bf7 31.Bf3 Nc6 32.Kf2 Kd7 33.Bf6 Na7 34.Ke2 Nb5 35.Kd2 Nc7 36.Rb1 Kc6 37.Be7 Ne8 38.Nh3 b5 39.Ra1 Kb7 40.Bg5 Rh8 41.Nf4 Ng8 42.h6 Nc7 43.Rh1 Rh7 44.Bh5 Bxh5 45.Rxh5 Kc6 46.Ng6 Ne8 47.Nf8 Rh8 48.h7 Ng7 49.Ng6 1-0.

The final position of the first game

Ponomariov,R (2717) - Anand,V (2786) [C89]
XX Ciudad de Leon Leon ESP (1.2), 06.07.2007
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 0-0 8.c3 d5 9.exd5 Nxd5 10.d3 Bf6 11.Nbd2 Nf4 12.Ne4 Nxd3 13.Nxf6+ gxf6 14.Bh6 Nxe1 15.Qxe1 Ne7 16.Rd1 Qe8 17.Nh4 Be6 18.Qe3 Ng6 19.Bxf8 Qxf8 20.Nxg6 hxg6 21.Bxe6 fxe6 22.Qe4 Qe8 23.g3 Rb8 24.h4 Rb6 25.Kh2 Rd6 26.Rxd6 cxd6 27.Qb7 d5 28.Qxa6 Qd7 29.Qa3 d4 30.cxd4 exd4 31.Qd3 Kg7 32.g4 e5 33.f3 f5 34.h5 gxh5 35.gxf5 Kf6 36.Kg3 Qxf5 37.Qxb5 Qf4+ 38.Kg2 h4 39.Qb6+ Kf5 40.Qb7 Qg3+ 41.Kf1 h3 42.Qf7+ Kg5 43.Ke2 Qg2+ 44.Kd3 Kh4 45.Qh7+ Kg3 46.Qg7+ Kf2 47.Qxe5 h2 48.Kxd4 Qg1 49.Kd3 Qd1+ 50.Kc4 0-1.

White is two pawns up, but Black wins


Press conference before the start of the event

Ruslan Ponomariov, Veselin Topalov and press chief GM Zenon Franco Ocampo

Topalov, Ocampo, Anand and Ruslan Ponomariov

The four players pose for the press: Topalov, Ponomariov, Anand, Kasimdzhanov


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