Bassem Amin wins strong Abu Dhabi Masters

by Klaus Besenthal
8/24/2017 – The Egyptian Grandmaster Bassem Amin won the strong 24th International Chess Festival in Abu Dhabi that was played from 14th to 22nd August in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. With 7.5/9 Bassem Amin came clear first, second place went to Nigel Short who scored 7.0/9 and was half a point ahead of seven players with 6½/9. Almost 500 players took part in the festival. | Photo:

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24th Abu Dhabi Masters

The strong open tournament attracted a large number of title-holders, many of them from India. But it was the Egypian Grandmaster Bassem Amin who won without a single loss. Nigel Short could also avoid any losses but he drew one more game than the tournament winner. Short played Amin in the final round and the outcome of this game was influenced by the tournament standings:


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Nigel Short in action | Photo:

The tournament brought a whole number of interesting games. The young International Master Adham Fawzy from Egypt scored a particularly fine win when his higher-rated opponent neglected to develop in time:


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To start in the Masters you had to have a rating of at least 2100. But apart from the Masters there was an "Open" for players with a rating of 2100 or less and a junior tournament. Photo:

Chess can be demanding and it is not easy to keep the pieces under control. Photo:

Final standings after 9 rounds

Rg. Snr   Name Country Elo Pts.
1 2 GM Amin Bassem EGY 2680 7,5
2 1 GM Short Nigel D ENG 2688 7,0
3 35 GM Aryan Chopra IND 2507 6,5
4 8 GM Salem A.R. Saleh UAE 2624 6,5
5 28 GM Batchuluun Tsegmed MGL 2555 6,5
6 3 GM Mamedov Rauf AZE 2680 6,5
7 4 GM Korobov Anton UKR 2668 6,5
8 39 IM Abdusattorov Nodirbek UZB 2470 6,5
9 11 GM Parligras Mircea-Emilian ROU 2616 6,5
10 41 IM Vignesh N R IND 2448 6,0
11 9 GM Adly Ahmed EGY 2619 6,0
12 7 GM Efimenko Zahar UKR 2636 6,0
13 25 GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes ARM 2566 6,0
14 23 GM Stupak Kirill BLR 2573 6,0
15 10 GM Sethuraman S.P. IND 2618 6,0
16 33 IM Firouzja Alireza IRI 2517 6,0
17 30 GM Mekhitarian Krikor Sevag BRA 2534 6,0
18 19 GM Karthikeyan Murali IND 2579 6,0
19 37 IM Puranik Abhimanyu IND 2495 5,5
20 40 GM Gagare Shardul IND 2467 5,5
21 17 GM Paichadze Luka GEO 2581 5,5
22 15 GM Pantsulaia Levan GEO 2585 5,5
23 27 GM Bernadskiy Vitaliy UKR 2562 5,5
24 21 GM Ter-Sahakyan Samvel ARM 2577 5,5
25 20 GM Rozum Ivan RUS 2579 5,5
26 6 GM Lupulescu Constantin ROU 2637 5,5
27 14 GM Andersen Mads DEN 2586 5,5
28 57 IM Sardana Rishi AUS 2386 5,5
29 31 GM Harika Dronavalli IND 2526 5,5
30 26 GM Wagner Dennis GER 2563 5,5



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Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.


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