The American Cup: Live!

by ChessBase
3/26/2023 – America’s best chess players return to the Saint Louis Chess Club to battle over the board from March 17- 26 for the second annual American Cup. With $300,000 in prize money, the competitors will prove their mettle under mounting pressure in a double-elimination knockout tournament. Unlike in the inaugural edition, Hikaru Nakamura will be among the participants this time around. | Follow the games live with expert commentary starting at 20.30 CEST (14.30 EDT, 0.00 IST)

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Day 10 - Finals

The format has two brackets composed of eight players each. The eight-player field competes against each other in knockout style. The double elimination format ensures a second shot at the top for any player who loses a match. 

Participants play a 2-game classical match followed by rapid tiebreaks if needed. The winners advance in the Championship Bracket, while those who lose their match continue with rapid chess in the Elimination Bracket. Anyone who loses their match in the Elimination Bracket is then eliminated from the tournament. 

  • The classical time control will be game in 90 minutes plus 30-second increments from move one (G/90+30).
  • The rapid time control will be game in 25 minutes plus 10-second increments from move one (G/25+10).
  • The playoff time control will be game in 10 minutes plus 5-second increments from move one (G/10+5).
  • All standard games in the Championship bracket will be played at classical time controls.
  • All standard games in the Elimination bracket will be played at rapid time controls.

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Live games



Commentary by Yasser Seirawan, Cristian Chirila and Jovanka Houska


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