American Continental Championship LIVE

by ChessBase
6/10/2018 – Some of the strongest players from the Americas are battling in Montevideo to get one of four qualification spots to next year's World Cup awarded in the American Continental Championship. Sam Shankland tries to extend his unbeaten streak and win another major event, tied for the lead at the start of final round action.

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Shankland, Flores and Delgado on 6½ / 8

This 11-round Swiss tournament takes place from June 1st to 10th, 2018, in Montevideo, Uruguay. The time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second bonus per move, starting from move one.

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lwquig lwquig 6/11/2018 01:49
Why no game scores? Chess Base is weak!
decredico decredico 6/11/2018 02:04
This coverage is weak. You folks really need to get your act together here on this website.
Kenneth Thomas Kenneth Thomas 6/10/2018 09:13
Why is the "live" game frozen at move 9 when Shankland already won the game and the tournament?
Leavenfish Leavenfish 6/9/2018 03:33
Brian Smith
ketchuplover ketchuplover 6/9/2018 01:50
ye can't go wrong with Xiong!
SeniorPatzer SeniorPatzer 6/8/2018 10:24
Go Sam!