All the action in Igualada and Reykjavic

8/20/2005 – The Catalan town north-west of Barcelona is hosting the Magistral Ciutat d'Igualada, featuring Kortchnoi, Beliavsky, Volokitin and McShane, while in Iceland the national championship is under way – lots of interesting activity over the weekend. Status reports.

Komodo Chess 14 Komodo Chess 14

Last year Komodo won the world championship title on two occasions and can call itself "2019 World Computer Chess Champion" and "2019 World Chess Software Champion". And the current Komodo 14 has been clearly improved over its predecessor!


The Magistral Ciutat d'Igualada is being held from August 16–21, in a town just north-east of Barcelona, Spain. It is a double round robin with Andrei Volokitin, Viktor Kortchnoi, Alexander Beliavsky and Luke McShane.

The official web site has portraits of the four paticipants, small news reports (in Spanish) and a few pictures.

Andrei Volikitin vs. Luke McShane, Alexander Beliavsky vs. Viktor Korchnoi

Standings after four rounds

Skákþing Íslands 2005 / Icelandic Chess Championship

The Icelandic Championship is being held in Reykjavic, from August 11–21, 2005. Here are the standings after nine rounds:

The start of a round at the tournament venue

Visitors, dignitaries and spectators

First round game between Heimir Asgeirsson and Ingvar Asmundsson

Iceland's youngest IM Jón Gunnarsson, who is in second place on the cross tables. Just kidding! This is the youngest chess fan included on the tournament photo page, from where the above pictures were taken.


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