Alexei Shirov: My Best Games in the Spanish

by ChessBase
5/11/2006 – There are few grandmaster who enjoy the popularity of this man. Born in 1972, he has obviously inherited the uncompromising attacking style of his latvian compatriot Mihail Tal. Alexei Shirov has been delighting chess fans for over a decade. Now he adds teaching chess to his repertoire. Come watch and listen.

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Alexei Shirov: My Best Games in the Spanish

Alexei Shirov, the world-class grandmaster from Latvia, presents his most brilliant games in a series of first-class Fritz Trainier DVDs. Following his deep and precise explanations of his masterpieces is not only chess entertainment on the highest level, it also shows you the best ways of correct play in the popular lines of the Spanish (Ruy Lopez). A definite must-see, not only for Shirov fans.

Can you imagine having this grandmaster in your home, personally explaining to you in brilliant video pictures the opening ideas, strategic sacrifices or tactical strokes in his best game? In the Chess Media System of ChessBase, where he is able to move the pieces, highligh squares and draw arrows to illustrate his thoughts. It is an unbeatable combination.

Watching Alexei Shirov in action also gives you an authentic impressions of him as a person. For example, Shirov frankly confesses that in the course of years his evaluations of particular positions have sometimes changed by 180 degrees. This is why in his assessments he is often pragmatic – and still very reliable. If you thought that in professional chess "everything has been analysed to the end“, Shirov will tell you that this is not the case. His fascinating style shows how vivid and creative chess can still be today, when played by a grandmaster of his calibre.

The DVD "My Best Games in the Spanish“ is dedicated to Shirov‘s most brilliant games in the Ruy Lopez. Let him show you how he broke down the super-solid Berlin Defence with white, or how he managed to achieve promising counterplay against Garry Kasparov in the Open Ruy Lopez with black. Follow this top player through one of his most famous lines in the Ruy, the Anti-Marshall with 8.h3. Shirov's special pride is the encounter with Fritz from the year 2000 – the last rapid game ever in which a super grandmaster managed to beat a top program in an official match.


  • Introduction (09:04)
  • Steinitz Variation (41:10)
  • Berlin Defence (37:04)
  • Open Spanish (42:08)
  • Moeller and Archangelsk Defence (26:22)
  • Anti-Marshall-System 1 (32:05)
  • Anti-Marshall-System 2 (15:50)
  • Marshall Gambit (20:42)
  • Modern Chigorin Defence (34:55)
  • Flohr / Saitzev Variation (34:06).

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