Alexandra Kosteniuk, Chessdarts world champion

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3/3/2005 – It is a team event, with two players each competing in their own discipline: chess the one and darts the other. It was staged in the magnificent Krasnapolsky Hotel, in exactly the location Max Euwe beat Alexander Alekhine in 1935. GM Alexandra Kosteniuk teamed up with darts champion Andy Fordham to take the title. Illustrated report.

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World Championship in Chessdarts

The first World Championship in a new discipline, consisting of teams of two players and two games, chess and darts, was staged in Amsterdam last week. The Chessdarts title was won by chess grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk and her partner Darts Champion Andy Fordham.

Chessdarts world champions Alexandra Kosteniuk and Andy Fordham

The event was staged in the Krasnapolsky Hotel, in exactly the same room where Max Euwe beat Alexander Alekhine in 1935. The two members of each team competed in his or her discipline, and got a point for every win.

In the semifinals Alexandra beat IM Yge Visser 2:0. This put her and Fordham into the final

In the other semifinals Tea Lanchava beat GM Sergei Tiviakov

Two successful finalists: Tea Lanchava and Alexandra Kosteniuk

The chess finals with Kosteniuk vs Lanchava

Darts champion Andy Fordham in action

The chess grandmaster tries here hand at darts

The event in the Dutch press

Alexandra Kosteniuk in different magazines

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